LOOK: This viral Korean makeup is now available in PH

Here are the other products to try from the brand

hince featured image.jpg
Hince products are now available in the Philippines through Beauty Bar (Images and art cards by Ariana Maralit) 

If you’re into beauty and makeup, and also active on social media, you might have encountered the True Dimension Radiance Balm from makeup product brand Hince. 

hince glow balm.jpg

This radiance balm took social media by storm for its ability to create a dewy look that revitalizes your inner radiance with delicately glowing translucent shades. Since then, the balm has instantly sold out on different shopping platforms. The good thing is, you no longer need to order online or have it “pasabuy” abroad, as Hince is now available at Beauty Bar. 

Here are some of their other products that are worth exploring and trying. 

Second Skin Tone Up Base

Dubbed an all-in-one product, Second Skin Tone Up Base is designed to instantly brighten skin tone and correct color. It also serves as a makeup base and has SPF, making it a suitable sunscreen. It’s Available in three shades: light peach, pale lavender, and muted green.

hince foundation.jpg

Second Skin Foundation

With its featherlight formulation, this foundation provides lightweight coverage while seamlessly covering the skin. It’s also long-wearing and transfer-proof. 

hince eyebrows.jpg

Signature Brow Pencil

Because “kilay is life.” This is made with a buildable formula to help you build color easily for that complete, natural-looking eyebrow. Best of all, each box comes with a refill. It’s like buying two brow pencils for the price of one. 


hince blush.jpgTrue Dimension Layering Cheek

The product has the right combination of cream and powder blush in one box, and is a versatile blush palette that can be used for contouring and highlighting. The color combination will blend gently, giving that natural rosy cheeks look. For beginners, it comes with instructions on how to use it to achieve the look you’re aiming for. 

hince lipstick.jpg

Mood Enhancer Matte Lipstick

Cap off the look with your signature lipstick color from Hince’s Mood Enhancer Matte Lipstick collection. It has a dense, rich color, soft, mature texture, and matte finish. This one is non-drying on the lips and long-wearing. 

Since its inception in 2019 in Korea, Hince has emerged as a coveted Mood-Narrative makeup brand, blending the essence of "enhance" and "convince". Its ethos centers around inspiring self-expression and confidence, achieved through products that cater to different moods and preferences. 

There you go, enjoy experimenting with makeup based on your mood.