LOOK: This German makeup brand launches refillable lipstick and new Asian market products

Plus, a conversation with international makeup artist Macedonio Bezerra

Now more than ever, people across all ages and demographics have been exposed to the world of beauty, makeup, and aesthetics, thanks to social media. Because of this, the demand for products, especially those from abroad, is rising.

Artdeco, a well-known German cosmetics brand, beloved for its high-quality and accessible makeup, has launched new products catering to the Asian market: Refillable Couture Lipstick, Iconic Eyeshadow Palettes, and the Perfect Matte Serum Foundation. 

The new products

Refillable Couture Lipstick.jpg

Refillable Couture Lipsticks: Sustainability is in Artdeco’s DNA. Couture Lipstick is vegan and refillable, and there is an expanding array of refill lipsticks to choose from. Choose your shade, pick out a case, and create your new go-to lippies.

The twelve new shades deliver a rich color with a silky sheen. Their consistency is creamy, so they glide smoothly on the lips and have a soft, nourishing feel. They are also mineral oil-, paraben-, silicone-, GMO-, and talc-free, ideal for sensitive lips.

Artdeco palette.png

Iconic Eyeshadow Palette: Create infinite eye makeup possibilities with these palettes featuring six coordinated shades in matte, metallic, and pearl finishes. Apply a shade on its own or combine several to create looks for whatever occasion and aesthetic you want. 

Perfect Matter Serum.png

The Perfect Matte Serum Foundation: Made with plant-based ingredients like hybrid stem cells from tea rose and Solanum melongena, the Perfect Matte Serum Foundation is an advanced 2-in-1 makeup-and-skincare hybrid foundation for Asian skin. 

It has a silky-matte finish that blurs and smooths skin. It is long-lasting and smudge-proof, and it is resistant to sweat, humidity, and water, making it ideal for the summer.

A masterclass with Macedonio Bezerra

ARTDECO International Makeup Artist and Head Trainer, Macedonio Bezerra.png
ARTDECO International Makeup Artist and Head Trainer, Macedonio Bezerra

During the launch of this product line, the company flew in international makeup artist and head trainer Macedonio Bezerra, who conducted a masterclass. Manila Bulletin Lifestyle asked Bezerra some timely beauty questions. 

Due to social media exposure, children are getting interested in makeup. When is the appropriate age for kids to start wearing makeup?

Fourteen is the right age to wear at least moisturizer, foundation, and mascara—but not that much, just to start. Let’s start it step by step, but not at 10 years old. 

What are the common makeup mistakes Asians are doing? 

Choosing the wrong foundation color. This is a huge mistake. For me, as a makeup artist, the most important thing is complexion. Right foundation, right primer, right color. If you have good eyes, just put on mascara and go away. 

Another horrible mistake, [dealing with] dark circles. Some people have dark circles and try to cover everything. And then, when they are not happy with concealer, they’ll put pearly eyeshadow. It’s horrible. It's like a flashlight [point on your face]. When you have dark circles, neutralize them, and that’s it. 

What makeup or beauty trends are you foreseeing for the next few months? 

In Europe, guys (men) wear a lot of makeup, not just girls. Now it’s guys and girls, everybody. This new generation especially likes to wear foundation, mascara, and smokey eyes. Now more and more trendy guys are wearing makeup. I think that’s the future of makeup. Everybody is wearing makeup. 

Professional Ambassador

Born and raised in Brazil, Bezerra entered the makeup industry at the age of 20. He started with a Brazilian makeup brand, where he soon became its national makeup artist and trainer. 

In 2009, he studied Makeup for Cinema, TV, and Theatre at the London Fashion College and Fashion and Photographic Makeup at the London Makeup School. While studying, he worked for a US Makeup Brand and did shows for London Fashion Week. 

Today, he is Artdeco’s international head trainer and makeup artist. As the brand’s professional ambassador, he offers makeup training in four languages and 70 countries.