Do more with the Samsung Galaxy Z Series, now powered with Galaxy AI

Users can now explore a variety of mobile AI features on the Galaxy Z Flip5, Z Fold5, Z Flip4 and Z Fold4.

At a glance

  • The One UI 6.1 Update brings Galaxy AI to the Galaxy Z Flip5, Z Fold5, Z Flip4, and Z Fold4, significantly enhancing user experience.

  • Galaxy AI provides features like browsing assistance, capable of summarizing and translating articles and web pages.

  • Note Assist creates summaries of notes from meetings or lectures, offering customized templates and transcription services.

  • Galaxy AI includes real-time translation, as well as translation features for calls and text messages.

  • Creative features like Generative Edit and Instant Slow-mo enable users to improve photos and videos by deleting unwanted objects and creating slow-motion clips.

The innovative Galaxy Z Series devices have been a game changer in smartphones, being among the first foldable devices in the market. Now, Samsung further elevates the foldable experience with the integration of Galaxy AI, allowing users to do so much more everyday.

With the One UI 6.1 Update, Galaxy Z Flip5Galaxy Z Fold5Galaxy Z Flip4, and Galaxy Z Fold4 users can now explore Galaxy AI features like browsing assistance, capable of summarizing and translating articles, AI-enabled customized notes and summaries, borderless communication with in-person, text and call live translations, and AI-enhanced photo editing.  

Galaxy AI can be used in so many ways on your Galaxy foldables - from helping you to work more efficiently to elevating your content so that it can be more creative and polished. To start exploring these features, set up your Samsung Account on your device or go to the Samsung website ( and make your device, your own Galaxy.

Read on and find out how Galaxy AI can enhance your daily grind and let these upgraded Galaxy Foldables be your daily companion in every aspect of life.


Galaxy Z Fold5 - Galaxy AI productivity.jpg


Maximize your daily browsing

With the world moving at a quick pace, make your daily browsing for news and researching about specific topics done just like that. Get the information you need in no time with these Galaxy AI browsing features. 

Start the day and get a rundown of the daily news with Browsing Assist - scroll through long articles on your Galaxy Z Flip5 and let Galaxy AI summarize and translate news articles and web pages you visit. This feature is even better with the large screen of the Galaxy Z Fold5, with the summary popping up on the screen below the original article. 

Throughout the day, find more information about products, places, and objects you encounter with Circle to Search with Google. This feature lets you select and encircle any object in your gallery or the web and learn more about it. The bigger screen on the Galaxy Z Fold5 allows for this feature to be shown in a pop-up window, which gives you a lot more real estate for background activities! 

Get things done, just like that 

Whether you are preparing for major presentations at work or simply picking your brain for an ideation session, make every minute count with Galaxy AI features on the large screen of the Galaxy Z Fold5. 

Galaxy AI’s Note Assist can create summaries of the notes you took down during your meetings or lectures. Make it more digestible and personal to you with customized templates, cover pages, and stickers on your notepads. 

Focus on your meeting instead of scrambling to remember important points of the discussion using Transcript Assist which transcribes, summarizes, and translates voice recordings. Combine these features with the convenience of the Galaxy Z series devices’ Flex Mode to set down your phone and record hands free, which allows you to multitask like craft emails, write down ideas and more, when needed. 

Keep conversations flowing no matter where you are

Whether you’re trying to connect with a foreign client or you just plan to travel abroad, keep the conversation flowing and fun with Galaxy AI’s translation features.

Go out and experience the world with real-time translation brought to you by Interpreter. Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5’s compact and foldable build is perfect for a pocketable live translator so you can have smooth conversations with foreign business partners. Then, keep up the connection through calls and text messages supported by Chat Assist and Call Assist translation features.

Bring life to your imagination 

Capture core memories on the go with Galaxy Z’s FlexCam. Set it down wherever to take pictures hands free and get quick high-quality pictures from various angles, thanks to the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Flip4’s functional cover screen.  


Galaxy Z Flip5.jpg


Then improve photos and videos with Galaxy AI’s creative features. Use Generative Edit to delete unwanted photobombers or resize, reposition, and align other objects. Or make a moment last forever with Instant Slow-mo that turns any regular clip to an epic slow-motion video with AI generated frames. 


Galaxy Z Fold5 - Galaxy AI Creativity.jpg


Make it all your own with Galaxy AI customization features

Sport your own Galaxy Z device wherever you go and make it unique to your personality and style. Create custom AI wallpaper just by typing your preferred keywords to showcase both yourself and your imagination. You can also make custom stickers from your favorite photos in your gallery to send and add to your photos and videos wherever you wish. 

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