Love beyond numbers




Last weekend, while I was taking a stroll through a park, an unusual yet touching scene caught my attention. I found myself drawn into a passionate exchange by a couple. The woman, with a hint of concern in her voice, said, “Are you not ashamed of this? People are looking. I am way older than you.” Without skipping a beat, the man responded, “Screw that. I love you.”

I was impressed by the guy, who remained unfazed by judgments and steadfast in his sincerity. In that conversation, I witnessed a beautiful defiance against the norms that often confine love.

Is it a big deal if your partner is significantly older? The answer is as nuanced as the individuals involved. Often swayed by societal norms, age can become a stumbling block in relationships.

After all, love is complex because people are complicated. And yet, love can also be pretty straightforward when we want it to be. Looking at relationships where one person chooses an older partner, there are various logical reasons behind this decision.

Loving someone older comes with its own set of virtues. Experience and maturity often accompany age. Accrued life experience translates into valuable lessons and mentorship, not just sexually but also emotionally and financially. Financial stability and emotional maturity reduce stress and foster stability in a relationship.

Moreover, the combination of experience and romance creates a fulfilling dynamic, with older partners often seeking meaningful and enduring connections. They know what they want and are committed to making the relationship work.

Communication is often effortless, and while older partners may exude seriousness at times, they also bring a sense of fun and adventure, resulting in a satisfying and enriching relationship.

In the Philippines, couples such as Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto, Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho, or even Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero, exemplify this dynamic. Despite their notable age gap, their love thrives, challenging stereotypes and inspiring others.

Also consider the love story of French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Trogneux, who is 24 years his senior. Their relationship began when Macron was a teenager and Trogneux was his drama teacher. Despite societal skepticism and media scrutiny, their bond has only grown stronger over time, proving how genuine affection and mutual respect can flourish irrespective of age.

On the other hand, younger individuals bring passion and vitality to relationships. It's the shared values, dreams, and understanding that form the bedrock of a lasting bond. Age becomes a mere footnote in the grand narrative of love.

As the saying goes. “Love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance. It has the sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever.”
Whether the man is older or the woman is, what truly matters is the connection forged between souls. As long as love flourishes without causing harm to anyone, societal constructs hold little value. This likewise applies to gender, ethnicity, and even religion.

Historically, racial and cultural differences have been seen as barriers to love. Interracial relationships often challenge deep-seated prejudices, yet they also illuminate the richness of diversity and the power of unity.

Interracial couples have become more visible and accepted in recent years, showcasing how love can triumph over racial divides. Consider the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Their union not only bridged the gap between different races and cultures but also brought to the forefront discussions about race, privilege, and acceptance. Their situation, while uniquely situated within the context of royalty, resonates with many who navigate similar challenges and joys in everyday life.

The stories of love that cross age, gender, and racial lines serve as powerful reminders of our capacity for empathy and connection. In celebrating these stories, we pave the way for a more inclusive and understanding world, where love is appreciated in all its glorious diversity.

At its core, love is about connection, empathy, and shared experiences. It thrives on understanding and transcends superficial differences. When we strip away societal constructs and biases, we find that love is an intrinsic part of the human experience, one that flourishes in diverse forms and settings.
So, let not the stigma of age difference mar the beauty of love. Embrace it, cherish it, and let it bloom, unfettered by societal expectations. As long as both partners find solace and happiness in each other’s arms, age becomes but a trivial matter.

Love wins. There is Hope!