Has Handsome Actor (HA) finally decided to open his heart? 

Over the past months, HA has been keeping cool and quiet over the state of his personal affairs. He hardly responded to questions about issues that are hurled against him when caught by the press. By limiting his activities in public, HA also stayed away from ambush interviews that could corner and subsequently force him to reveal unnecessary details.

However, fans have seen HA with various women, which led to speculations that he had found someone new. Of course, the women have come out to deny any romantic involvement with HA. The public did not pursue such leads, and the rumors died down.

Meanwhile, Network Actress (NA) has been through several tumultuous relationships and from each, has expressed that she had learned and grown from the good and bad. Despite the controversies, NA remained steadfast and focused on her career goals. No wonder, the management has placed her on top of their talent list for projects.

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Although HA and NA work in the same circles, linking them seems farfetched until they were seen in a private vacation spot. The place is known for its exclusivity and is a favorite celebrity place to escape. Are HA and NA finding themselves in each other? If they do reveal their relationship, controversy might follow.
‘Before you live, love. Before you expire, inspire. Let your love be an inspiration to someone to also love another and together we build up a happy world!’ ― Israelmore Ayivor

Cheapskate actor

Attendants at the spa were excited to see Famous Actor (FA) come to their place and avail of their services

As FA is known to have an attitude sometimes, the staff braced themselves for whatever mood he might be in. All they knew is that their business has a reputation for its services, which could have enticed FA to drop by.

FA has been in show business for quite a while. Unlike his contemporaries, he had the right timing. FA did not have to go through any talent or look search. He had the looks and charm. More importantly, he filled the need for someone who embodied his looks. Luck was on his side and on his management too. FA was not only handsome; he was also talented. Through several projects, FA honed his skills. However, FA had his own mind and it took time for him to accept he was already a household name.

Fast-forward to present times, FA had matured after several years and controversies. However, FA still had his old traits, which disappointed the spa staff. After FA availed their services, the staff checked the bill. They expected a huge tip, as he was, after all, a celebrity and already well-off. When they looked at the tip, the amount was not even a hundred bucks.

‘If a person lives frugally and acts in a cheap manner, isn't the person living a redundant life?’ ― S. harder

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