San Juan City to hold Makabagong San Juan Barangay Caravan

The San Juan City local government on Thursday, May 23, announced that it will hold its 4th Makabagong San Juan Barangay Caravan on Friday, May 24, to bring closer to San Juaneños free public services.


Mayor Francis Zamora

San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora said the caravan will be held at Barangay Kabayanan's Barangay Hall from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The services to be offered in the caravan include:

- Free infant/child vaccination
- Tooth extraction
- Free medicines
- Human Papillomavirus vaccine shot
- Flu vaccine shot
- Pneumonia vaccine shot
- Urine Creatinine Determination
- Free chest X-ray
- Philhealth Profiling
- PNP women's desk and police clearance application assistance
- Free legal, marriage, and family planning counseling 
- Condom and pills dispensation
- Feeding program
- On-site tax payments
- Free haircut
- San Juan City health card and solo parent ID application assistance 
- Free consultation of those with birth, marriage, and death certificate issues
- Financial, medical and burial assistance application 
- Free anti-rabies vaccine
- Registration for PWD and senior citizen ID
- Skills registry and local recruitment activity
- Kokuryu Cosmetics make up tutorial

The mayor explained that the caravan is a one-stop-shop that offers a wide range of public services which the city government delivers directly to its constituents right in the heart of their barangays.

"The caravan represents our city government’s commitment to bring inclusive and comprehensive services to our communities to ensure that every resident, regardless of age or background, has access to what they need. It echoes our commitment to bring the government closer to our people," Zamora said.

"As a regular undertaking, it provides free holistic services to the local community, guaranteeing access to essential healthcare, legal assistance, employment opportunities, social services, and more," he added.

Other details regarding the caravan can be seen in the mayor's official Facebook page.