DMW monitoring status of 5 Pinoys injured after severe turbulence hit Singapore-bound plane

Five Filipinos were injured after the Singapore-bound flight they were boarding in made an emergency landing afer being hit by sever turbulence, the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) confirmed on Wednesday, May 22.

In a statement, the DMW said it is closely monitoring the status of the five Filipinos after confirming reports of the emergency landing in Bangkok, Thailand on Tuesday afternoon, May 21.

“The DMW’s Migrant Workers Office in Singapore (MWO-SG) says the Filipino passengers include a family of three with a two-year-old male infant,” the statement read.

The infant’s mother, the DMW said, is a registered overseas Filipino worker (OFW) staff nurse in the United Kingdom (UK) whileher husband has no record as an OFW. 

The DMW said the fourth passenger is a female Singapore-based OFW in the information technology sector, while the fifth Filipino passenger, a male,  has no record also as an OFW. 

“They were taken to various hospitals in Bangkok and received medical treatment for injuries sustained from the emergency landing incident,” the DMW said in a statement.

“They underwent a series of medical and physical tests. Doctors will review the test results to evaluate their condition and determine further treatment,” it added.

Citing its latest monitoring, the DMW said all the five Filipinos are now in stable condition, including the infant. 

But the department said doctors are closely observing the condition of the Singapore-based OFW who suffered a neck fracture. 

“Doctors describe her condition as ‘sensitive’ but stable,” the statement read. 

The DMW has committed that its office in Singapore and the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok (PE-BKK) will continue monitoring their condition until they are discharged and continue their journey back to the Philippines.

At least one passenger was reported to have died passenger died while 30 others were hurt in the incident. 

Seven were critical due to head injuries.