Sleeping beauties

A celebration of rest and rejuvenation to nourish body and soul through a performance of the Ballet Philippines

In dance, every step etches a story. Each motion reflects the dedication and artistry of the dancers who bring it to life. Behind the curtain of every breathtaking performance lies the dancer’s journey, off and onstage.

The bodies of these athletes of the arts are instruments so finely tuned they can express the depths of human emotion through the simplest, most intricate of movements. And yet, unlike traditional athletes who often have designated periods of recovery, dancers frequently find themselves caught in a relentless cycle of rehearsals, performances, and training sessions, leaving little time for adequate rest.

Contrary to popular belief, restful sleep is not a necessity not only for people with physically strenuous jobs but for everyone. Muscle recovery and repair, enhanced cognitive function, injury prevention, and emotional well-being are all critical aspects of our daily lives and overall health, all intimately connected to the quality of our sleep.

DANCE WITH HYPNOS. Ballet Philippines showcases the new Elevate Ultra collection through their interpretation of Vivaldi's Four Seasons

Our goal should be to wake up feeling light on our feet, ready to tackle the day with the grace of a ballerina. This aspiration starts with a night of “true” restorative sleep, attainable by using the right bedding.

Last month, Sealy Posturepedic launched the new Elevate Ultra mattress collection. The globally acclaimed brand collaborated with Ballet Philippines, the nation's leading dance company, to creatively highlight the significance of prioritizing quality sleep for achieving optimal performance.

For more than 135 years, the bedding manufacturer has crafted top-quality mattresses based on science and innovation with its patented coil systems, designed with input from orthopedic experts, which ensures proper spinal support, ease back pain, and undisturbed sleep.

Patrons of the luxury mattress house were welcomed at The Penthouse at Twenty-Four Seven McKinley by a captivating showcase. Photographs adorned the space, portraying Ballet Philippines’ dancers in elegant poses atop some of the label’s products. Guests were also taken on a journey through the rich history of pioneering sleep innovations.

MATTRESS KINGS. Sealy Asia head of regional sales and hospitality Dennis Tan with director and general manager Chee Yan Lee

Sealy Asia Group of Companies director and general manager Chee Yan Lee, together with the head of regional sales and hospitality Dennis Tan, traveled from Singapore to commemorate this significant event. They were joined by Focus Global Inc. president Stephen Sy and Ballet Philippines president Kathleen Liechtenstein.

“We pride ourselves on delivering world-class products and top-notch services that inspire excellence. We’re not only celebrating this milestone but also commemorating eight years of helping Filipinos sleep better,” said Stephen during his opening remarks.

Kathleen, meanwhile, stressed the importance of the mattress line’s mission to deliver top-notch support and comfort for restful sleep, tailored to the unique needs of ballet dancers. “Sealy epitomizes the essence of empowering and enlightening through its commitment to providing proper support and comfort for a restful sleep. It’s a perfect synergy that enables our ballet dancers to awaken feeling rejuvenated, energized, and poised to perform with grace and harmony.”

The highlight of the event was a captivating performance by Ballet Philippines dancers. With grace and precision, their movements echoed the sensation of sinking into a restful night’s sleep; skillfully integrating the mattresses into their routine, demonstrating the perfect balance of support and comfort offered by the collection.

The stage was set in a cozy bedroom scene. Large, inviting beds were the star of the show. As the lights dimmed, a hush fell over the audience.

As the opening notes of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” filled the air, a silhouette glided onto the stage, her movements fluid and graceful. She is then joined by a troupe. With each step, the dancers seemed to float effortlessly across the floor, their bodies moving in perfect synchrony.

As the music swelled, the dancers began to twirl and leap, their movements becoming more dynamic and expressive. They later danced atop the plush mattress, their feet barely making a sound as they landed in sync.

Their choreography evoked the sensation of drifting into a peaceful slumber, with gentle sways and delicate gestures mimicking the tranquility of sleep. At times, they curled up on the bed, their bodies forming elegant shapes.

As the performance reached its crescendo, the dancers seemed to melt into the mattress, their movements becoming slower, more languid, finding solace and rejuvenation in each graceful motion.

This artistic exhibition conveyed the message of choosing Sealy for quality sleep results in unmatched luxury and peak performance.

The brand’s dedication to sleep innovation shines through in the Elevate Ultra mattress collection. This new catalog boasts advanced features like the upgraded AlignSupport Titanium Coil system, providing superior back support, and UniCasedXT Edge Technology, ensuring stability and a wider sleeping area. Ice-Touch Technology, on the other hand, allows instant cooling for a comfortable sleep experience. Gel-infused ComfortCore technology offers extra support for the lower back.

The new collection reaffirms Sealy’s commitment to providing only excellent quality mattresses for the kind of rest everyone deserves. It’s more than a mattress, it’s an investment in a life well-rested.