Dawn Zulueta on embracing aging gracefully

At a glance

  • When she turned 55 on March 4, Dawn made a pact to pursue aging naturally with grace and confidence.

Dawn Zulueta

Dawn Zulueta-Lagdameo may be considered one of the most beautiful actresses ever to grace local showbiz.

When she turned 55 on March 4, Dawn made a pact to pursue aging naturally with grace and confidence.

She attributes her timeless beauty to a healthy lifestyle, a peaceful outlook in life, and regular skincare treatments. “Aging is representative of all the wisdom one gains through the years,” says Dawn. “I am not afraid of it. Instead, I embrace it.”

The mother of two and wife of the Special Assistant to the President, Anton F. Lagdameo Jr., juggles a busy lifestyle managing family and social affairs, including jetting back and forth to the East Coast where her eldest son is currently taking up college.

Dawn Zulueta and husband, Special Assistant to the President, Anton F. Lagdameo Jr.

“I am an advocate of aging gracefully and naturally. But that is only possible if one keeps healthy, happy and at peace.”

“Peace of mind is very important and reducing stress. Also, when you are happy and you give back to the people, the feeling you get from there is something you cannot equate from receiving luxuries or getting external validation such as an acting award.”

“I also take skincare seriously by eating healthy, keeping fit and active, having a positive outlook in life, and of course going to Dr. Issa Cellona regularly.”

Dawn prefers going to renowned Dermatologist, Dr. Clarissa V. Cellona whose discreet and unassuming practice located in Forbes Park Makati is said to be the favorite of society’s crème dela crème. “Issa is my most trusted skincare and anti-aging specialist.”

 Dr. Issa Cellona 

“What I like about Dr. Issa is that she works with me to ensure that all my health and beauty goals are met, without having too much done. Her light-handed touch when it comes to beauty is discreet and flawless.”

For her part, the Celebrity Dermatologist describes Dawn as one who “exudes beauty and confidence on and off screen.”

Dr. Issa says, “I am constantly in awe of her commitment to maintaining her youthful appearance through non-invasive treatments that have allowed her to age with grace and elegance while looking effortlessly stunning.”

“Her swan-like neck remains smooth and supple and can rival even the young stars of today."

Dawn serves as an inspiration to women that youthful beauty can be achieved without looking overdone, overfilled , or overstretched. Truly, her ageless beauty is grace and poise unmatched.