Interview: Korean pop rock boy band Catch The Young reveals goals this year

Korean alternative pop rock boy band Catch The Young said they want to have more performances this year including holding a concert and participating in a music festival. 

Catch The Young (캐치더영), composed of Sani, Kihoon, Namhyun, Junyong, and Jungmo, debuted under  Evermore Entertainment on Nov. 1 last year with their first mini-album “Catch The Young: Fragments of Youth.”




Catch The Young (Evermore Entertainment)

Last month, they made their comeback with the second mini-album “Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey,” where they compared life to an adventure and talked about the various emotions one can experience along the way.

Catch The Young told Manila Bulletin about their goals this year, wanting to have a fan meeting or concert in other countries including the Philippines if the opportunity comes, and their role models. 

This year, the members of Catch The Young said they want to expand the reach of their music and have a solo concert.  

“I want to participate in a major festival, preferably a summer rock festival with the name Catch The Young. Another goal is to hold a concert for an audience of 1,000 by the end of the year,” said leader Sani.  


Catch The Young's Sani (Evermore Entertainment)

Kihoon said, “Our goal for 2024 is to host a solo concert with a capacity of 1,000 attendees.”


Catch The Young's Kihoon (Evermore Entertainment)

Namhyun echoed their goal, saying, “As Catch The Young, we want to hold a solo concert in a venue with over 1,000 seats this year! My personal is to be able to converse fluently in English.”


Catch The Young's Namhyun (Evermore Entertainment)

“I aim to perform on a bigger scale than we did previously and hold a Catch The Young concert in a 1,000-seat venue,” said Junyong. 


Catch The Young's Junyong (Evermore Entertainment)

Jungmo said, “This year, my goal is to perform in front of an audience of 1,000. Looking further ahead, I want to consistently make joyful music, not just as a job but as an emotional experience.”


Catch The Young's Jungmo (Evermore Entertainment)

Besides being in the band, some members of Catch The Young are songwriters. Kihoon became a songwriter for NU’EST’s “Doom Doom” that was included in the album “Romanticize” that was released in April 2021.

When asked who their role models are in the music industry, they mentioned various artists including DAY6, The Rose and One Ok Rock. 

“Personally, I'm a huge fan of The Charm Park and have been greatly influenced by his work. Growing up, I listened to a lot of Japanese music, which has definitely shaped my musical style. My other favorite bands include RHCP (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Bump of Chicken, and Sambomaster,” said Sani. 

Kihoon said, “I get much inspiration from John Mayer’s artistry, and we have previously covered his song ‘Belief.’”

According to Namhyun, “My role models are One Ok Rock and The Rose. We aspire to be a band as influential as they are, performing on stages worldwide.”

“Domestically, I've studied a lot of DAY6’s performances. Internationally, my role models are The 1975 and One Ok Rock,” said Junyong. 

Jungmo stated, “My role model is the drummer George Daniel from The 1975.”


As they continue to promote their music, they are also open to having fan meetings, performances and concerts in other countries including the Philippines. 

Sani said, “Absolutely. We've had the pleasure of chatting with some fans from the Philippines during our video call fan sign events. We're always eager to meet our global fans, so we'd welcome the opportunity to visit any country.”

Kihoon agreed, saying, “Of course, we'll go anywhere when we're invited!”

Namhyun said, “If given the chance, I'd love to perform all over the world including the Philippines, and connect with fans of various nationalities.” 

According to Junyong, “All of the members of Catch The Young are always planning for international performances, so we'd love to visit if the opportunity arises.”

“I'd love to meet our overseas fans if possible! We'll work hard to meet as many fans as we can,” said Jungmo. 

“Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey” has seven new songs. The main track, “Voyager,” is a song that expresses how the group can live harmoniously together even when each person has taken on different forms in life. 

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