PETValue Philippines recycles 1 billion PET bottles, seeks to forge more partnerships to build on sustainability milestone

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PETValue, a 2.28-billion-peso multi-phased joint venture in General Trias, Cavite, utilizes the country's most advanced bottle-to-bottle PET recycling technology. The facility recently celebrated a significant milestone-recycling 1 billion PET bottles.

PETValue Philippines, the country’s first bottle-to-bottle, food-grade recycling facility, celebrates a landmark achievement of 1 billion PET bottles recycled—underscoring the impact of strong collective action toward a fully circular economy. 

A joint venture between Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. (CCBPI) and Indorama Ventures, a global sustainable chemical company, PETValue gives limitless life to clear PET plastic bottles. The facility turns used post-consumer clear PET bottles—fully recyclable packaging—into new food-grade recycled PET (rPET) bottles, thus closing the “make-use-recycle” loop for plastic packaging. 

“We are immensely proud of PETValue’s journey in the country, because it plays a valuable part in a much bigger system that enables a ripple of collective action and sustainable solutions against plastic pollution. PETValue’s recycling milestone is a collective accomplishment that proves that there are billions of reasons we should all work together,” says CCBPI President and CEO Gareth McGeown. 

“We at CCBPI share this achievement with all our current and future partners. This would not have been possible without all of you, and we are truly grateful for your unwavering support,” McGeown added, emphasizing the value of strong collaboration to fulfill shared goals. “We are only getting started, because we know there is much more to be done.” 

Established in General Trias, Cavite, the 2.28-billion-peso multi-phased joint venture investment uses the most advanced bottle-to-bottle PET recycling technology in the country and has generated about 200 direct jobs for Filipinos. 

Closing the loop through pioneering green technology 

In reaching the milestone of the 1 billionth PET bottle recycled, PETValue Philippines stands as a testament to the strength of partnerships between communities and like-minded organizations in the campaign for sustainability and a greener future. 

“As an industry-leading initiative and a crucial component of Indorama Ventures and CCBPI’s shared goal of making a difference, PETValue Philippines will continue to help tackle the larger waste management challenge—one milestone at a time,” Indorama Ventures’ Chairman of the ESG Council, Mr. Yash Lohia said. 

He added, “This achievement marks a big step toward creating a more robust waste value chain in the Philippines, as we usher in the future of circular economy through PETValue.” 

Indorama Ventures is a world leader in PET recycling as the world’s largest producer of recycled resin used in plastic beverage bottles. 

The Philippines’ Board of Investments (BOI) granted PETValue Pioneer Status in 2020 for its world-class processes to create new recyclable PET packaging. The recycling facility officially launched its operations in August 2022 and can process approximately 2 billion pieces of PET plastic bottles annually. PETValue is confident that harnessing its full capacity can significantly strengthen the country's waste value chain, and it is attainable through increased collaboration in bolstering collection efforts. 

Creating an accessible collection system for local waste sectors and communities is crucial to the operations of recycling facilities such as PETValue. Connecting recycling infrastructure with on-ground collection of post-consumer clear PET bottles, Coca-Cola diverts plastic waste to the facility, through initiatives deployed across the Philippines and collaborations with local governments that need assistance rerouting their recyclables. 

Amplifying bottle collection through community involvement 

CCBPI places sustainability at the core of its operations and, given its vast footprint, recognizes its responsibility to intensify efforts against plastic pollution. Its community-driven collection efforts continue to expand their reach through Coca-Cola’s network of partners. 

A key program is CCBPI’s "Tapon to Ipon: Basta Klaro, Panalo," a nationwide collection program for post-consumer clear PET plastic bottles of any brand. An essential component of Tapon to Ipon is its partnerships with MSMEs like sari-sari stores, leveraging their status as neighborhood centers and having them serve as collection hubs for their communities. The goal is for all plastic bottles collected from Tapon to Ipon to end up in PETValue for recycling. 

Copy of Tapon to Ipon at local Fiestas.png
Tapon to Ipon at Local Fiestas: Community members line up to drop-off their used clear PET plastic bottles at the collection booth executed alongside sales initiatives. Filipinos celebrate together and enjoy refreshing Coca-Cola beverages during local fiestas, where it is now possible for them to take part in the collection and recycling initiative.

Regular deployments of Tapon to Ipon coincide with public-facing events and sales activities, such as major festivals or fiestas. As consumers enjoy refreshing Coca-Cola beverages and celebrate with their community, CCBPI makes it possible for them to return their used plastic bottles for recycling via Tapon to Ipon hubs. Festival-goers can also drop off plastic bottles, of any brand, in exchange for Coca-Cola products at these hubs, simultaneously helping to raise awareness about the inherent potential of recyclable plastic bottles. 

Copy of Davao del Sur Before and After.png
The power of partnerships: Before and after photos of areas with stockpiles of used PET bottles show the impact of collaborations with LGUs, such as Davao del Sur. This has resulted to the large-scale hauling of the stockpiles that are now at PETValue for recycling.

The program continues to grow, even after reaching 170 cities and municipalities nationwide. CCBPI has also partnered with more LGUs—including Davao del Sur, Iloilo, and Camiguin—to haul plastic bottle stockpiles to PETValue. The Province of Davao del Sur has even officially integrated Tapon to Ipon into their solid waste management plans. 

Helping increase waste diversion rate in the metro, CCBPI recently kickstarted a partnership with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) wherein MMDA’s Mobile Material Recovery Facility (MMRF) program serves as a collection channel for post-consumer clear PET bottles of any brand, Coca-Cola returnable glass bottles, and Coca-Cola crates collected by the residents of participating barangays. A Tapon to Ipon: Barangay Contest will be held across pilot areas and will be awarding the barangays with the highest number of collected clear PET bottles, glass, and crates. 

Every effort counts—whether it's backing responsible waste management initiatives or adopting sustainable practices. CCBPI’s McGeown said, “As we mark the milestone of recycling 1 billion PET bottles, we invite our partners, the public, LGUs, and organizations to unite in championing and pursuing nationwide sustainability.” 

Embracing sustainability is a shared responsibility that is driven by everyone's active involvement and dedication. CCBPI encourages more organizations to recognize the value of their contribution in helping local communities thrive through accessible recycling and waste management systems. 

McGeown added, “By working together, we can transform our shared vision of a sustainable recycling ecosystem into a reality that contributes to creating a more sustainable future for the Philippines.”