LIST: Curly hair products to try to avoid ‘factory settings’ mode

Finding the ones that will work on your curl is a long, tedious process

“I love your curls, is that natural?”

“How are you maintaining your hair?”

As a girl with naturally curly hair, I usually get these questions from people, especially when I let my hair down (that seldom happens). But the reality is it took me some time to find the right products that will work with my curls. It’s years of trial-and-test period, given that only limited product options are available here in the Philippines. Not all products will work on all types of curls, and most curly hair products are a bit more expensive than regular ones. 

As Taylor Swift once said, the humidity brings her hair into “factory settings” mode. In this story,  I’ll share some of the products I tested that worked for me that you also might want to try, so we could all avoid the factory settings moment. 


Kerastase Curl Manifesto Masque

Made with Manuka honey and ceramide, this masque is designed for very curly and coily hair. After shampooing, apply this and leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing. This product gives my hair extra shine and bounce and keeps my curls for a couple of days, sufficient to keep me presentable until the next wash day. 

Davines Curl serum.jpeg

Davines Curl Building Serum

This product was introduced to me by a Russian hair stylist from Koop Studio named Elli Kharitonov. He used it on me during my first visit to their salon, and it worked well with a hair diffuser. Davines is an Italian beauty brand that champions sustainability and has many other hair products for different needs.


Curlico Dream Curl Defining Creme Gel

I learned from years of experimenting that curly hair needs to have a defining creme for defined locks after every wash. When browsing online, I accidentally discovered this locally-made product, which has gathered good reviews from curly-haired Filipinas. Made with squalene and aloe vera, these cream gives a medium hold for touchable, voluminous curls. 

& Honey Melty.png

& honey Melty

The reality is that even though Japan is known for its quality products, it’s rare to find ones that are made for curly hair. But this one works. Every curly hair girl knows the importance of oil to keep hair from having that dry, damaged look. Made with Argan oil and honey, this moist repair oil will give you that natural, healthy, moist hair topped with a divine smell that lasts for hours. 


Kerastase Elixir Ultime

Tropical weather and humidity make our hair frizzy. But this elixir gives me a long-lasting frizz control experience. According to the company, it is made with Amla extract, Camellia, Argan, Corn Germ, and sacred Marula oils. It also has this sweet smell that stays for hours. 

Watsons Argan oil.png

Naturals by Watsons Argan Hair Oil

Of all the products listed here, this is the most affordable but, surprisingly, delivers beyond its price point. This oil didn’t simply give shine and lock-in curls but also gave that bouncy, light feel to my hair.

Cantu Tea Tree & Jojoba Hair & Scalp Oil

As a girl with curly hair, I am prone to dry scalp and according to a hair expert, there could be several factors that could cause this. To avoid or at least minimize dry scalp, this product helps. It conditions and soothes the scalp, moisturizes dry hair, and nourishes the roots to help healthy hair growth. 

There you go. I hope this list will work with your hair, too. 

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