A beach shack’s summer menu that’s sure to release endorphins

What to eat in Boracay

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  • It’s the kind of food that brings people together on a mesmerizing island vacation, curating experiences that bring forth happy memories under the warm Boracay sun.


COZY VIBE Jammers Beach Shack is one of the hottest spots in Boracay to find good food

Visiting Boracay as well as enjoying the stunning beach and powdery white sands is simply not complete without indulging in some vacation gastronomy. Jammers Beach Shack, the two-story front beach shack, is a real attention-catcher, luring me in with the cool native interiors and aesthetic decors I couldn’t resist. As they say, it’s a spot where people “come for the interiors, but stay for the food.” From their mouthwatering smash burgers and unforgettable Jamaican jerk chicken to their nutritiously delicious smoothie bowls and refreshing cocktails, there’s something to satisfy everyone.

Lucky me, it has just recently launched its summer menu, under the excellent leadership of chef Stephen Salonga, Jammers’ head chef. This isn’t my first time at Jammers, so I was surely looking forward to trying its new, seasonal creations.

For seafood starters, I tried the baked oysters, and they are a must, with fresh Aklan oysters, Emmental and mozzarella cheese, and mornay sauce. This four-ingredient dish gives a succulent and tender flesh from the shellfish and the salty, creamy, and melty taste and texture of the cheeses and sauce mixture. I was impressed!

Next up on my seafood streak is the grilled octopus. The local pulpo A beach shack’s summer menu that’s sure to release endorphins What to eat in Boracay is a palate pleaser, with local octopus fresh off the grill that’s perfectly soft and chewy, served with well-seasoned roasted potatoes and a vibrant and herbaceous chimichurri sauce, a beloved accompanying condiment to grilled meats. The zesty flavors enhance the grilled pulpo to a whole new level. I should’ve ordered thee seafood platter because it looked so appealing, as it is served beautifully with grilled tuna loin, octopus, prawns, baked garlic mussels, and lemongrass coconut rice. But it’s an item meant to be shared. Maybe next time!

SEAFOOD BONANZA For the seafood lovers out there, the seafood platter paired with baked oysters and a flatbread pizza is the way to go

As a guilty carnivore, I found the flatbread pizzas satisfactory and great for groups of three to four. I tried the bacon and egg flatbread pizza, topped with tomato sauce, smoked bacon, and a sunny-side-up egg. It’s packed with good morning flavors, with a chewy crust (side note: I should’ve requested the crust to be crispy and well done, but it was still enjoyable and filling). Other pizza variants are Margherita, Four Cheese, and Truffle Mushroom for those who want to skip the meat, and there’s the Gamberetti for shrimp lovers who want a simple yet indulgent seafood-based flavor.

As a morning person, I love breakfast food. The chicken tocino is the latest addition to the all-day breakfast menu at Jammers, with caramelized homemade chicken tocino that starts crispy yet ends with a tender bite, fluffy garlic rice, served with eggs in any style, and a side of tangy and sweet mango salsa. It didn’t disappoint a silog lover like me!

Now to finish off this big gastronomical adventure, I had to go for sweet endings, inspired by Pinoy favorites. The humble sago’t gulaman is enough to cool down the hottest days. It was a nostalgic treat for me (took me back to my high school fair memories). It’s cooling, sweet, and light, with our local flavor. The guinumis is a nice coconutty drink with mixed-in small chews (pinipig, tapioca, red jelly). Although I’m not a big fan of this drink, it was worth ordering at Jammers. For a boozy fix, there’s the fruity blend of Sangria, infused with red wine, brandy, fresh grapes, apples, and orange juice. And on an icy note, also on offer is a version of the ever-popular halo-halo and coconut ice cream that’s homemade, topped with fresh mango bits and coconut meat, then delightfully sprinkled with muscovado sugar.

My take: Jammers’ summer menu is a fun and delectable addition to its already amazing one, with dishes and drinks that release endorphins for maximum joy. What’s not to smile about? Each is meticulously crafted with the best ingredients and strict food standards by a highly trained kitchen team. It’s the kind of food that brings people together in a mesmerizing island vacation, curating experiences that bring forth happy memories under the warm Boracay sun.

Find them at D’Mall, Station 2, on your next Boracay visit.