The power that comes from wearing innerwear as outerwear

This fashion show celebrates all kinds of beauty as muses bare their skin on the runway

Wearing intimate pieces as outerwear is nothing new in the fashion landscape. For years, we’ve seen women do it on the runway, on stage, and even on the streets. In recent fashion weeks, major labels have been designing undergarments that are meant to be showcased not hidden under layers of clothing. But in the Philippines, with its “conservative” nature, finding anyone donning the look may seem hard.

Avon Intimate Apparel Benefit Fashion Show x Concert Curtain Call_ Ambassador Heart Evangelista with Avon Brand Representatives who modeled in the fashion show.JPG
Heart Evangelista with Avon brand representatives who modeled in the fashion show

The thing is, wearing innerwear as outerwear isn’t just about being sensual. For many women, it is a form of rebellion against what the society expects from them. There is a sense of power that comes from baring their skin, there is confidence in the way presenting their kind of beauty.

That is what people saw during Avon’s latest benefit fashion show as it welcomes Heart Evangelista as its newest ambassador of intimate apparel. #HeartEvangelista definitely knows how to work the runway. To mark her new chapter as #Avon’s ambassador for intimate apparel, the actress graced its runway wearing pieces from the brand, style with the creation of Filipino designer #NericBeltran and #Schiaparelli’s iconic lobster skirt. #StyleWeekend #Fashion #TiktokFashion #fyp #foryoupage #AvonIntimateApparel @Heart Evangelista ♬ Fire for You (Sped Up) - Cannons

“Heart doesn’t just embrace her own story, but also empowers others to do the same,” said Anna Garces, head of marketing for Avon Philippines and Asia-Pacific. “She’s an encouragement for women to embrace their uniqueness and confidently chart their paths. Together with Avon, let's continue to shape a world where every woman is empowered to write her story and embrace her power.”

Avon's Benefit Fashion Show x Concert 'Together, We Shape The World' models of all sizes, ages, and skintones come together.JPG
Avon's benefit fashion show x concert 'Together, We Shape The World'  featuring models of all sizes, ages, and skintones

Before the actress and fashion icon’s appearance, gracing the runway was a diverse set of women wearing the brand’s intimate apparel with the designs of Thian Rodriguez. Dramatic, edgy, and brimming with confidence, the show is like witnessing a “Cell Block Tango” moment from the musical “Chicago.” The designer played with sheer, lace, tailoring, and 3D floral appliques to create looks that would complement Avon’s bras. These bras are imbued with its  360° Comfort System and are made of a lightweight, soft, and smooth fabric that’s breathable for all-day relief.

DENȲ performs at Avon's Benefit Fashion Show x Concert 'Together, We Shape the World'.JPG
DENȲ performs 'Gusto With Ya' 
Peaceful Gemini performs at Avon's Benefit Fashion Show and Concert celebrating all women 'Together, We Shape The World'.JPG
Peaceful Gemini graces the runwayskin tones

The style attitude of the pieces on the runway was echoed throughout the fashion show. It aimed to provide a platform for women to embrace their power and own their narratives. As part of its advocacy, all proceeds from the event go to the brand’s partner organizations that support breast cancer awareness and the fight to end violence against women and girls.

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