Stärken AAC wall system subjected to high intensity earthquake test


Last November 28, 2023, Stärken conducted an earthquake test that surpassed both Philippine and Japanese earthquake standards. This recent achievement further validates the exceptional strength and resilience of Stärken AAC, solidifying its position as a leader in earthquake-resistant construction materials. 

Tested to surpass the Kobe Japan Earthquake intensity 

Stärken is proud to pioneer the first Earthquake Test of its kind in the Philippines. The magnitude of our commitment to excellence is reflected in the rigorous testing Stärken AAC has undergone. Surpassing the intensity of the 1995 Kobe, Japan earthquake with an impressive 7.4 magnitude, Stärken AAC stands as a testament to strength and durability. This accomplishment signifies the reliability and steadfastness that Stärken brings to construction projects, ensuring a level of resilience that goes beyond industry standards.

The danger of earthquakes in the Philippines 

The Philippines is located within the Pacific Ring of Fire, which makes it prone to frequent seismic activity. This positioning makes it one of the most seismically active regions in the world. The country's tectonic setting is complex, and it is characterized by the convergence of several tectonic plates. This setting contributes to the heightened risk of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the region.

The country has experienced numerous seismic events over the years. Recent earthquakes, such as the 2023 Mindanao earthquake and the 2020 Luzon earthquake, are vivid reminders of the inherent dangers posed by seismic activity. These events have resulted in significant loss of life, displacement, and extensive damage to buildings and critical infrastructure. The looming threat of a major earthquake, often referred to as the "Big One," adds to the already high risk of metropolitan areas like Metro Manila, where millions of residents are at risk.

Performance in actual earthquakes 

The real-world performance is evident in the track record of Stärken AAC during actual earthquakes in the Philippines. Projects situated in earthquake-prone regions have stood resilient against seismic forces, showcasing the reliability of the AAC wall system in the face of unpredictable events. Stärken has consistently proven its resilience during recent earthquakes in Mindanao and Luzon. None of the projects exhibited cracking despite facing simultaneous earthquake attacks. 

Protecting your house from earthquakes 

For those contemplating the construction of their homes, opting for Stärken is akin to making a strategic investment in the durability and longevity of your home. Choosing Stärken for your home construction is a strategic decision to fortify your house against earthquake damage. Stärken’s AAC wall system is meticulously engineered to withstand seismic forces, offering homeowners a proactive and reliable solution for building resilient, secure foundations. 

Through innovative technologies like the AAC Wall System, communities can build a more resilient future, characterized by safer infrastructure and enhanced disaster preparedness. By embracing seismic resilience as a collective endeavor, we can navigate the uncertainties of seismic activity and build a more resilient Philippines for generations to come.

Stringent earthquake design with the Stärken AAC wall system


Stärken Philippines, a leading provider of construction solutions, strongly advocates for the adoption of stringent earthquake-resistant design principles, with a focus on incorporating its advanced AAC Wall System. By integrating Stärken’s AAC Wall System into building designs, architects and engineers can significantly enhance the seismic performance of structures to unprecedented levels. The lightweight yet robust nature of AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) not only enhances structural strength but also mitigates the risk of structural failure during earthquakes. This proactive approach to seismic resilience is in line with Stärken's commitment to safeguarding lives and property in earthquake-prone regions.

Stärken 's AAC Wall System is a cornerstone of earthquake preparedness efforts, providing a proven solution for enhancing structural resilience. By retrofitting existing buildings and integrating Stärken AAC Wall System into new construction projects, communities can fortify their infrastructure against seismic hazards. This not only reduces the vulnerability of buildings to structural damage but also enhances occupant safety during earthquakes. Furthermore, Stärken's commitment to earthquake preparedness extends beyond construction materials. 

The company actively collaborates with stakeholders, including government agencies, engineering firms, and advocacy groups, to promote seismic resilience initiatives and raise awareness about the importance of earthquake preparedness. 

Consumer benefits

Stärken's main products include AAC blocks, panels and lintels with a density of 450 kg/cubic meter to 700 kg/cubic meter. The compressive strength is available from 525 PSI, 870 PSI and 1070 PSI depending on the type of product strength required.

Stärken AAC's unique production procedure and composition has many benefits, including superior fire resistance. AAC is composed of purely mineral products, making it a non-combustible building material, ideal for preventing fire from spreading and thereby protecting lives and infrastructures from damage. At just 100 mm thickness, an AAC firewall can resist fire up to four hours — more superior than traditional masonry products which have a 2-hour fire rating.

Furthermore, Stärken AAC has excellent thermal insulating qualities that help maintain internal temperatures at a comfortable level, which ultimately leads to saving cooling costs, consequently resulting in enhanced energy efficiency.

Noise control is also significant in providing an environment that is restful and private, especially in establishments such as condominiums, schools, hospitals, hotels and offices.

Stärken AAC blocks are scientifically proven to provide superb insulation to sound transmitted by air compared to other solid building materials.

Additionally, Stärken AAC contains millions of closed microscopic cells, making it impervious to water. This prevents any moisture from penetrating through the material which could cause trouble to your building in the long term.

Finally, Stärken AAC is an eco-friendly product as it uses 100% biomass energy for its autoclave. It is made from non-toxic materials, helps reduce at least 30% of environmental waste, and decreases 50% of greenhouse radiation.

Builder Benefits 

Stärken AAC's unique production procedure and composition makes their products lightweight, weighing 70 percent lighter than concrete. Its density is about one-fifth of that of normal concrete blocks, making it easily handled at construction sites.

Furthermore, Stärken AAC products are easy to work with because they possess the durability of concrete or stone, yet have the workability better than wood. There is no need for complicated machinery — Stärken AAC can be sawn, cut, carved, nailed or drilled using simple hand tools.

Since Stärken AAC is lightweight and is faster to install, builders will benefit from cost-effective operations. First, savings of up to 25% on foundation costs can be realized. Second, the speed of wall installation delivers lesser work man-hours and earlier project achievement. Moreover, its thermal control properties result in up to 30% less cooling energy needed for indoor temperature control.

Lastly, unlike conventional concrete hollow blocks, Stärken AAC blocks require less hauling and cleaning. There will be no excess rebars, no shattered hollow blocks, no leftover sand, minimal debris during operations.


Stärken AAC's unique production procedure and composition makes their products a sustainable material. They are composed of up to 20% recycled materials, and use less sand and binder in the production process. Their durability and resistance to the elements provide a longer lifespan, and are fully applicable for recycling to create new construction materials.

Furthermore, AAC is an environmentally-friendly product. From its production, to its transport facilities, and to the construction of Stärken AAC-based structures, Stärken products help reduce at least 30% of environmental waste and decrease 50% of greenhouse radiation. The company also employs a strict waste minimization scheme while its transport fleets use less fuel (energy) to deliver goods to job sites.

Lastly, Stärken AAC products are created with cost-efficiency in mind. Blocks and panels have better dimensional tolerance and can be cut easily and accurately, which bypasses the need to use plaster even out wall structures. This not only saves on the costs of material and labor, but also allows for more precise construction to maximize space in office and living areas.

Available nationwide

Stärken's products are innovative, contemporary, functionally simple yet versatile, making Stärken AAC the preferred building products for residential, hotel, industrial and commercial construction projects.

With the numerous possibilities of Stärken AAC's superior technology and longevity, Stärken aims to take off and soar higher in the Philippine market. All their products are nationally available through a strong network of distributors across the country.

For those interested to learn more about Stärken AAC and how it has changed the way the local construction industry builds, Stärken PHILS will be participating in CONEX 2024 on April 18 - 20 at the SMX Convention Center, where they will be demonstrating the many benefits of their Stärken AAC blocks and other products.