Korean star Park Min-young meets Filipino fans: We will see each other again

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  • The star revealed that she will really be returning to the Philippines

Korean actress Park Min-young, star of the dramas “Marry My Husband” and “What's Wrong with Secretary Kim,” finally met her fans in the Philippines. 

She held her “2024 Park Min-young Asia Fanmeeting ‘My Brand New Day’ In Manila” on May 12 at the SM North EDSA Skydome.




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Korean actress Park Min-young holding her "Asia Fanmeeting My Brand New Day In Manila” on May 12 at the SM North EDSA Skydome (Jonathan Hicap)

Park Min-young (박민영) showed another side of her at the fan meeting. She sang, danced, discussed her personal life and career, and interacted with fans. 

She held the fan meeting in Manila following the success of “Marry My Husband,” which became the highest-rated tvN Monday-Tuesday drama of all time. It also became popular in many countries through Prime Video. 

The actress opened her fan meeting by performing “Bad Liar,” the original soundtrack from “Marry My Husband” that was originally sung by (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi. 

“Kamusta po kayo? (How are you?),” she greeted the audience. 

She said she chose to perform “Bad Liar” since it was part of her recent drama, “Marry My Husband.” 

“I just want to tell you guys to support, to watch this drama even more, and it’s a song that really expresses myself as Park Min-young,” she said. 

Park Min-young said she is very happy to meet her fans in the Philippines. 

The fan meeting had several segments, focusing on the private life and career of Park Min-young. 

In “Min-young’s Day,” she discussed photos and videos of her. 

On why “Marry My Husband” became popular outside Korea, she said, “This drama has a lot of elements of Korea, that is why this drama has a very unique color about the Korean culture.”


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Korean actress Park Min-young in the drama "Marry My Husband" with actors  Na In-woo and Lee Yi-kyung (Prime Video, tvN)

She is happy with the compliments that the drama has received, especially about its ratings. It ended with a nationwide rating of 11.951 percent (first place among shows on paid platforms (cable, IPTV and satellite) in South Korea. 

“As an actress, the compliments about my acting is one of the best compliments,” she said. 

In the “Day bye Day Drama” segment, Park Min-young discussed “Marry My Husband.” 

In the drama, she appeared thin in the first few scenes for her character and “that is one of the hardest for the shoot.” 

She played the role of Kang Ji-won, who has cancer. Park Min-young was reported to have lost 37 kg to portray the character. 

“Of course, I needed to show the character. For this role, I had no choice but to lose weight,” she said. 

In the next segment, four lucky fans were called on stage to be with Park Min-young and reenact scenes in the drama including making finger hearts and posing for a photo. 

During the event, Park Min-young also performed Jennie Kim’s “You & Me” and “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus. 

“Ask About Min-young” 

In “Ask About Min-young,” fans wrote questions on Post-it notes from which Park Min-young chose. 

One fan asked her, “Are you really a fan of BTS?” 

“Of course,” she said. “Well, honestly, I really, really love all the K-pop groups in the K-pop industry.” 

On her favorite mantra, she said, “When I think about my job or profession, it’s kinda like a tough profession in a sense. There is this mantra or line that i really remember, which is ‘just do it’ or ‘go for it.’” 

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Korean actress Park Min-young holding her "Asia Fanmeeting My Brand New Day In Manila” on May 12 at the SM North EDSA Skydome (Jonathan Hicap)

When asked what her next romantic comedy project is, she said, “For my next project, it might not be a romantic comedy. But after that, I will think about it.”

Park MIn-young also had the “My Choice” segment wherein she played the balance game with fans. In the game, fans had to pick between two choices based on a question about her. In the end, four fans won and had the chance to have a photo with her. 

In “Made by M.Y.,” she designed an eco-bag and gave it to a fan. 


Her co-stars in “Marry My Husband,”  Na In-woo and Lee Yi-kyung, and other stars sent video messages for her. 

"I found out one secrete while filming with Min-young Noona. I found out that Min-young Noona is always smiling, bright easy-going.  In real life, I think she's someone that very gentle, broad-minded and has a lot of tears. Moreover, she's very kind and pure,” said Na In-woo, who played the role of Ji-hyuk in the drama. 

Filipino Beans made a video for Park Min-young, which was shown during the fan meeting that made her tear up. 

“Everyday is a Brand New Day with you,” the message in the video read. 

Park Min-young said, “The strength that I get as an actress is because of the love and support of the fans. What I can do to give back the love and support is to become a better, best actress that I can be to the fans. That is why I’m really, really grateful and blessed to have you.”

In response, Park Min-young read a letter she wrote for Filipino fans. 

“To Filipino Fans. I'm so sorry that It took this long to meet our Filipino fans. It would have been better If I had come earlier...But you guys know what? My love for Beans have grown unbelievably bigger compared to when I was younger. So it's a bit late. but It's rather good. Every one of your hearts and eyes give resonate to me. When I feel like flopp down, you lift me up.  When I feel dried by my emotions. you make me laugh. It's always our fans who make me want to do my job better. So let's be happy for a long time. All of us…See you again. I love you,” according to Park Min-young. 


She also said, “I really promise you guys we will see each other again.” 

“It’s actually a spoiler,” she said, hinting that she will really be coming back to the country. 

About the Manila fan meeting, she said, “I can say it’s amazing. It’s my first time in the Philippines and meeting the Filipino Beans [fans]. That is why it’s a great time for me to be here. Now that I am here, I really want to come back again.”

Press conference

A day before her fan meeting, Park Min-young held a press conference at the Ayala Malls Market! Market! in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. 

Park Min-young shared a tip about her beauty regimen. 

“I have kind of like a very sensitive skin so I try to drink a lot of water and, you know,  keep my skin moist and then what else.  I put on a facial mask every day as well and I try not to get too stressed and stay happy,” she said. 

About the success of “Marry My Husband,” she said, “What can I say? It was truly amazing moments to witness those, you know, ratings success not only in Korea but, you know, also in different countries, many countries.  I was very grateful for everything.” 

The “2024 Park Min Young Asia Fanmeeting ‘My Brand New Day’ In Manila” was presented by Rafaella Films and Entertainment Productions, and CDM Entertainment.

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Korean actress Park Min-young holding a press conference on May 11 at Market! Market! in Taguig (Jonathan Hicap)