Our youth needs to keep dreaming


Are we seeing the end of the brick and mortar era?

In a matter of weeks, the season of graduation and moving up exercises will begin. For most of these kids, this is the culmination of a year-long step toward achieving a life-long aspiration of becoming somebody ready to take on the world. For many, that aspiration will be a series of steps to get where they want to be. For some, however, it will end their formal education journey.


The current landscape for young people presents a multitude of challenges. The world throws a lot at our young people: academic pressures, family dynamics, social anxieties, financial difficulties, and the ever-present existential question of “What do I want to do with my life?” Amidst these headwinds, it is easy to let childhood dreams fade like forgotten toys.


Kids need to be reminded that fostering their aspirations, even in the face of adversity, is the internal spark that ignites their life passions and illuminates a path toward a fulfilling future. The path to those dreams is rarely a smooth ascent. Challenges loom large and can cast a shadow of doubt on their ability to reach for the skies.


I remember Gary Valenciano’s words in one of his recent concerts. He said that flying a kite is a powerful metaphor for navigating obstacles in life and pursuing our dreams with resilience and resourcefulness.The human spirit soars with ambition. Like colorful kites, dreams beckon us to reach for the vast expanse of possibility. The stronger the headwinds, the higher the kite flies. Like a kite, dreams require a delicate balance of ambition and practicality. The kite's body, representing our aspirations, needs to be light and well-crafted. It must be strong enough to withstand the wind yet flexible enough to dance with its currents. Similarly, our dreams should be ambitious, pushing us beyond our comfort zones.

Dreams act as a life compass, guiding everyone’s minds toward a north star and what truly excites them. They plant a seed of passion that fuels motivation and the drive to take action. In a world that often emphasizes practicality, clinging to those dreams fosters a sense of purpose. It serves as a potent reminder of the initial driving force behind the chosen path.

Kids must also realize that dreams are a breeding ground for creativity and innovation. The world today thrives on fresh perspectives and trailblazing ideas. With their innate open-mindedness, unbridled imagination, curiosity, and inherent propensity to challenge the status quo, young people are ideally positioned to be the architects of positive change, which the world badly needs today.

Imagine a life where each day dawns with exhilaration about the possibilities at hand. That's the power of aligning one's life with one's dreams. But they are not meant to be cast in stone. As individuals gain life experiences, their perspectives may shift, and new interests emerge. The beauty of dreams lies in their inherent flexibility. They can morph and adapt alongside the individual, shaping them into well-rounded individuals with a broader understanding of the world and themselves.

How can young people keep their dreams alive despite life's challenges?First, they should not get fixated on the end goal. They should embrace the journey because it is just as important, if not more so. A positive support circle that believes in them and their dreams and provides guidance would greatly help. They can be a world of difference when facing setbacks and barriers.

Large, seemingly impossible goals can feel overwhelming. Big dreams must be broken into smaller, achievable milestones. Celebrating these smaller wins keeps you motivated and allows you to track your progress. Feeding one’s curiosity and keeping an open mind would open up many more life options to consider. Having a lifelong learning mindset; reading books, watching documentaries, and taking skills classes, would expand everyone’s knowledge and ignite imagination.

Many experts have discussed the power of visualization and how it instills a success mindset. Dreamers should take a few minutes daily to visualize themselves achieving their dreams. They should see themselves reaching their goals and feeling the satisfaction of accomplishment. This positive reinforcement will help strengthen their resolve and keepthem focused.

The road to achieving dreams is rarely smooth. There will be bumps, detours, and moments of doubt. The fear of failure can be a significant hurdle, especially when faced with societal expectations or the pressure to conform to a certain path. But this is where the true magic of holding onto dreams unfolds.

Dreams may seem impossible right now. But the beauty of dreams is that they can open doorswe never knew existed. By holding onto them, we stay open to new experiences and opportunities that might lead us on an amazing journey, even if it takes us in a different direction than originally planned. ([email protected])


The author is an Executive Member of the National Innovation Council, Lead Convener of the Alliance for Technology Innovators for the Nation (ATIN), Vice President of the Analytics and AI Association of the Philippines, and Vice President of UP System Information Technology Foundation.