GOMO enhances app experience

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A perfect embodiment of a disruptive pathmaker and multifaceted standout leader, and a trailblazer in her own right, Nadine Lustre becomes even more unstoppable as she joins forces with GOMO starting May 1, 2024.

Watch How Nadine Becomes Unstoppable with GOMO here


As she sets out to discover more passions, pursue her advocacies, and venture into new things, with GOMO by her side, Nadine is poised to make her life even more exciting, any way she wants it to be, fueled by the boundless potential of her unstoppable data.


Don Laudencia, Head of GOMO, said, “Beyond just providing our GOMO subscribers with exciting deals and offers, we’re deeply committed to break down barriers through empowering our users with unique experiences, game-changing innovations and now, authentic representation. Nadine is an epitome of today’s generation of empowered individuals looking to carve their own paths, on their own and by their own terms. With this partnership, we want to support her and show fellow trailblazers how GOMO can unleash their limitless potential and support their lives any way they want.”


Unstoppable Life with GOMO

To further empower an unstoppable lifestyle, GOMO is leveling up the digital game of Nadine and its subscribers with ease, straight from their phones. With the GOMO PH app, everything's a cinch: from signing up, buying promos and tracking their No Expiry Data to swapping GBs and copping more experiences via ‘Mo Creds—it's all there. 

But GOMO’s not stopping there! To keep up with a fast-paced life, GOMO just dropped its latest update: an additional app feature that allows subs to keep tabs and maximize their No Expiry GBs at their convenience, and shift them between devices using a single app. No more juggling between logins, or managing multiple devices to check your GBs, or purchasing different promos for different accounts. Everything is now streamlined and simplified, allowing subscribers to do more with so much ease. And the cherry on top? You can link up to 5 devices in a single GOMO account!


With everything conveniently available on the GOMO PH app, you get to live life however you want it. So whether you're out hustling, traveling, working out, partying, or just hanging out with your friends, GOMO gives you the freedom you need to manage and maximize your data any way you want.


What’s next for GOMO?
GOMO is revving up to unleash more exciting offers just for its subscribers. Watch out for more GOMO Roam offers that will let you discover new thrilling places and adventures around the world; upcoming ‘Mo Creds partners that will give you the best deals and empower you to push for your goals and advocacies; and a new era of extraordinary experiences where you can create, express yourself, and feel most alive just exactly how you want through unconventional offers, activities and parties you can’t miss out on! 


Mark your calendars starting this May 24, 2024 because GOMO promises endless fun and diverse experiences by teaming up with Nadine and various communities like Very Done, Meeting of Styles and more, to take their events to the next level and bring you the most epic experiences you'll surely enjoy. 


There’s no stopping you to be part of these exciting activities with GOMO! Get a GOMO SIM delivered to your doorstep to get started. Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive happenings at gomo.ph.