Satisfaction, trust ratings for Marcos show a slight increase in April 2024 --- Tangere

The April 2024 satisfaction and trust ratings for President Marcos slightly increased as per the Tangere Survey Application.

President Marcos.jpeg
President Marcos. (Manila Bulletin File)

According to the study, Marcos gained a 42 percent satisfaction rating in April, slightly higher than the 41 percent recorded in March.

The survey also showed that 23 percent of respondents were "undecided", and 35 percent were "dissatisfied."

Phot from Tangere

Meanwhile, for his trust ratings, there was a slight increase where Marcos gained 55 percent in April, a bit higher than 54 percent in March.

Twenty-one percent of respondents said they were "undecided" and 24 percent expressed "distrust."

"President Bongbong Marcos' awareness and familiarity levels remain unchanged for the April run," Tangere said.

Photo from Tangere

The President's satisfaction ratings slightly went up which was noticeable among people of almost all ages and regions, except in Mindanao.

More younger adults, aged 18 to 25, and older adults, aged 51 and above, showed improved satisfaction ratings with the President's performance.

Trust ratings in the survey improved for all age groups except those aged 36 to 50, who showed the highest level of distrust.

The President's trust ratings increased in all regions except Mindanao.

Based on the survey, there was also a significant rise in trust ratings in the Southern Luzon area and among the upper-income class.

The survey was conducted through a mobile-based respondent application, with a sample size of 2,400, utilizing a Stratified Random Sampling method (quota-based sampling) from April 24 to 27.

The survey results carry a margin of error of ± 2.20 percent at a 95 percent Confidence Level.

"The proportion was spread throughout the Philippines with 12 percent from NCR, 23 percent from Northern Luzon, 22 percent from Southern Luzon, 20 percent from the Visayas, and 23 percent from Mindanao," Tangere said.