Time Is Our Turn: K-pop boy band TIOT debuts with ‘Kick-Start’

K-pop boy band TIOT, or Time Is Our Turn, made their awaited debut on April 22 with the album “Kick-Start.” 

The members of TIOT (티아이오티), under Redstart ENM, are  Kim Min Seoung,  Kum Jun Hyeon, Hong Keon Hee, Choi Woo Jin and Shin Ye Chan. 

Hong Keon Hee said, “We’ve been waiting for this moment eagerly. It seems like yesterday that we promoted “Unbeatable”, but now we’re officially debuting. There were challenges and pressures during preparation, but we worked very hard to overcome those pressures, so please send lots of support for our album ‘Kick-Start’ and the title track, ‘Rock Thang,’!”

TIOT START ver 단체 ★ 메인.jpg

[TIOT] cover.jpg

K-pop boy band TIOT (Redstart ENM)TIOT START ver 1-2 김민성.jpg

TIOT START ver 1-1 김민성.jpg

TIOT member Kim Min Seoung (Red Start ENM)

TIOT START ver 2-1 금준현.jpg

TIOT START ver 2-2 금준현.jpg

TIOT member Kum Jun Hyeon (Red Start ENM) 

TIOT START ver 3-1 홍건희.jpg

TIOT START ver 3-2 홍건희.jpg

TIOT member Hong Keon Hee (Red Start ENM)

, Choi Woo Jin and Shin Ye Chan. TIOT START ver 4-1 최우진.jpg

TIOT START ver 4-2 최우진.jpg

TIOT member Choi Woo Jin (Red Start ENM)

TIOT START ver 5-1 신예찬.jpg

TIOT START ver 5-2 신예찬.jpg

TIOT member Shin Ye Chan (Red Start ENM)

“To our fans who were waiting for us, thank you so much. We have gained so much energy from you while we were preparing for this album, and now we’re ready to repay your love! Let’s make beautiful memories during this album promotion too. Thank you!” he added. 

After releasing their pre-debut EP,  Frame the Blueprint: Prelude to Possibilities in August last year, TIOT debuted with “Kick-Start.” 

While Frame the Blueprint: Prelude to Possibilities focused on the freshness and passion of youth, Kick-Start marks TIOT’s new beginning after introducing themselves to their fans globally after participating in the K-Pop survival program “Boys Planet.” 

They hope their debut and new music will cheer and encourage their fans and new listeners who may also be going through a new beginning in their lives.

“I’m thrilled to join TIOT with our official debut! Something that I’ve been only dreaming about is happening, and it just feels surreal,” said Shin Ye Chan, the youngest member of TIOT. 

He added, “I was quite worried when we shared the music video for our pre-release song, “가나요 (Moonrise)”, but I was very grateful for the fans’ love which was beyond my expectations. As much as we practice diligently, we’ll show amazing performances. I promised to become a proud member of TIOT. Thank you!” 

“Kick-Start” contains five songs: “Rock Thang,” “Goosebumps,” “가나요 (Moonrise),” “Paradise,” and “아기상어 (Baby Shark).” 

“Rock Thang” carries a lively message that encourages the listener to rid themselves of uncertain emotions through the power of music. Members Kim Min Seoung and Kum Jun Hyeon both participated in writing lyrics for this track. 

가나요 (Moonrise)” was released as a pre-release track on April 4; offering encouragement to young people who are struggling with uncertainty. It was written and produced by EL CAPITXN who is well-known for his work with renowned artists such as BTS, TXT, Psy, and ZEROBASONE. 

EL CAPITXN is also the founder of the producing group VENDORS, who also took part in writing and producing of “가나요 (Moonrise).” “Paradise” evokes a moment of rest and comfort for those listeners who are tired of their daily lives. 

“아기상어 (Baby Shark)” is inspired by the children’s song “Baby Shark.” For the members of TIOT, “Baby Shark” represents everyone, including themselves. TIOT hopes to uplift and support their listeners so that no matter how many times they fall or fail, they know that they can always get back up again.