Nolcom installs tactical radios in 3 crucial naval detachments up North

CAMP AQUINO, Tarlac City – The Armed Forces-Northern Luzon Command conducted a site survey inspection and installed Harris tactical radios at Naval Detachment Mavulis in Batanes and Fuga and Calayan Islands in Cagayan.


ARMED Forces-Northern Luzon brass visit Naval Detachment Mavulis in Batanes. (Nolcom)

Lt. Gen. Fernyl Buca, Nolcom commander, spearheaded the visit to Naval Detachment Mavulis from April 21 to April 23.

Buca, who was accompanied by military brass, sought to assess and ensure the operational readiness of strategic military installations within Batanes, the country’s northernmost province which is just hundreds of kilometers from Taiwan.

Among those inspected was the helipad at Mavulis Naval Detachment to ensure its operational efficacy.

The military installed Harris radios in Fuga and Calayan Islands. This communications device is considered reliable and has secure voice and data communication capabilities even in challenging environments.

Buca said the installation of Harris radios will significantly enhance their communication capabilities across Batanes and strengthen the maritime security and external defense efforts in the province.

"Our proactive approach to enhancing communications infrastructure and ensuring the readiness of our strategic outposts is crucial to safeguarding our national interests and promoting regional stability, particularly in maritime security and external defense." 

He assured that they continue to bolster its efforts to uphold peace, security, and  sovereignty in the region.