This 360-wellness superstore encourages you to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle

Heyday as a refill hub at Glorietta

Visit this newly opened 360-wellness superstore at Glorietta, where various sustainable products and practices encourage you to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Catering for health and wellness, Heyday offers a range of eco-friendly items, including locally sourced loose-leaf tea and coffee beans, farm-to-table goods, and rescue crops, along with a selection of organic wines and handcrafted vegan and dairy-free ice cream.

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Locally sourced fruits, including pomelo, dragon fruit, and orange, are seen in the store. (Photos from Heyday Philippines)

“At Heyday, our goal is to provide a diverse range of wellness products that cater to individual needs while fostering a sense of wellbeing, community support, and sustainability,” said Heyday Co-Founder Ryan Tan. 

The store directly sources its fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables, from Filipino farmers. Its skincare essentials are also packaged in eco-friendly materials. Encouraging eco-conscious practices, customers are urged to bring their own shopping bags and containers to purchase dried goods, creating a refill hub within the mall. 

This April, the store will provide a 20 percent discount on plantable bamboo toothbrushes in exchange for a clean, used plastic toothbrush. Heyday also sells plant-based cleaning products and washable cloth diapers tagged as "modern lampins," which promote reuse practices.

Powder goods and different types of tea

“We wanted to create a brand that helps Filipinos live healthier and better lives,” said Eric Poiret, co-founder and president of Heyday. “We are also on a mission to empower Filipinos to unlock a healthy feeling like no other.” 

Come visit Heyday on the ground floor of Glorietta 4 in Makati City.