Rise, coffee of the sun

This beachside brew continues to shine, serving up two decades of excellence in Boracay

At a glance

  • Beachside espresso bars, where we can savor ice-cold lattes or warm brews against the backdrop of azure seas while the rhythmic waves and gentle breeze swathe us, have become more popular than ever.

BEACHSIDE BLISS Café del Sol has served beachgoers their caffeine fix and pastry cravings for over 20 years now

There is no denying the rich coffee culture in the Philippines. From the first light of dawn to the quiet hours of the night, part of breakfast rituals to after-dinner conversations, coffee transcends mere beverage status. It has become a companion to Filipinos.

The coffee industry is also a major contributor to our economy. According to the Philippine Coffee Board, coffee is the country’s second-largest agricultural export, generating an annual revenue that exceeds $100 million. Its cultivation not only offers employment to many Filipinos but also plays a crucial part in nurturing the development of rural communities.

Coffee has become part of our lives. Simply put, it has become a lifestyle. In the city, we gravitate toward neighbor - hood coffee houses tucked in small corners for takeaway and tend to meet with friends for a cup at upscale java joints. In provinces, we make a point to explore cafés adorned with indigenous décor, often offering panoramic vistas. Even at bustling kiosks, we queue eagerly for our caffeine fix.

Even beachside espresso bars, where we can savor ice-cold lattes or warm brews against the backdrop of azure seas while the rhythmic waves and gentle breeze swathe us, have become more popular than ever. Among the coastal cafés most in demand in the Philippines is Cafè del Sol in Boracay, known for its exceptional service and drinks.

Established in 2003, the Boracay favorite proudly stands as the white sand beach island’s first modern, full-service coffee shop. The brainchild of entrepreneurs Juan Elizalde and Paolo Occhionero, it started as a charming beachfront establishment, inviting locals and tourists from around the globe to savor paninis, refreshing ice-blended frappes, and fresh fruit juices. There is a tempting array of cakes, pastries, and bread too. The Mango Cheesecake, in particular, has become an icon in Boracay. Other notable items on the menu are the Italian espresso, normally paired with breakfast plates.

TASTY DELIGHTS Enjoy a range of filling sandwiches and meals before topping it off with a wide range of cakes to choose from for dessert

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Café del Sol unveils its expanded, enhanced, and more vibrant store following a recent renovation. The interior has undergone a refreshed transformation, presenting a more stylish look. The second floor has been overhauled to offer an expansive area suitable for private functions and parties that could accommodate up to 50 guests. The stunning sights of the renowned Boracay beach and sunsets add an extra allure to this upgraded space.

To give patrons more food choices, cross-order from Aria Cucina Italiana, another establishment by the business partners, is now honored. There’s no need to leave your cozy corner at Café del Sol to satisfy your hankering for authentic Italian pizzas, pasta, and gelatos.

“We are beyond thrilled and grateful for the 20 strong years our patrons and traveling diners have given us. We continue to uphold the café to the strictest standards when it comes to food and drinks, so we can ensure customer satisfaction every time they choose to visit us,” says Ernie Casas, chief operating officer of Boracay Entertainment Resources Incorporated, the company that carries the brand. “We look forward to serving our future customers in our muchimproved café, with the same heart for warm Filipino service and delicious coffees and meals.”

Beyond its picturesque views and Instagrammable aesthetics, the café’s enduring appeal lies in its commitment to high-quality food, drinks, and service. Recognizing that a good menu coupled with exceptional hospitality and customer care is the key to longevity, Café del Sol, open daily from 7 a.m. to 12 midnight at Station 2, D’Mall, Boracay, remains a prominent figure in the industry, thriving for over two decades.