P2-M cash, jewelry carted away from Zamboanga City mall

ZAMBOANGA CITY – Robbers carted away P2-million worth of cash and jewelry from a mall here on Tuesday night, March 5.

Investigation said three men entered the Yubenco Mall through a manhole leading to the establishment’s drainage system.


THE suspects gained entry to the mall through this manhole. (PNP) 

The suspects went straight to the supermarket and placed oil near the entrance and exit to slow down and delay security personnel in case they were alerted by their presence.

They destroyed the padlock of the rollup steel door that enable them to enter the section of the mall where the stores are located.

The suspects ransacked three jewelry stores of their valuables and destroyed and took cash from the ATM machines.

Police lifted fingerprints from the crime scene and are currently studying footage from surveillance cameras to identify the suspects.  Investigation is still ongoing.