NCR mayors to regulate water use in golf courses, car wash shops amid El Niño threat


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MMDA chairman Don Artes explains how rainwater catchment system works as part of the measures to cushion the impact of El Niño in Metro Manila. The Metro Manila Council led by San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora (right) has already passed a resolution focusing on water conservation measures. (photo: MMDA)


Amid water supply concerns over El Niño, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) urged local government units in the National Capital Region (NCR) to regulate the use of water in maintaining golf courses and in operating car washing shops.

Citing data from weather experts, MMDA chairman Don Artes said El Niño is expected to persist until May this year and this means water crisis mitigation measures must be implemented to lessen the effects of the phenomenon.

There are at least 10 golf courses in Metro Manila while a number of car wash shops are open in various parts of the National Capital Region.

Aside from reduction in the use of water in the maintenance of golf courses and in car washing, Artes said they have already laid down other measures and will be shared to the LGUs in Metro Manila via the approved resolution of the Metro Manila Council (MMC).

Among them are the recycling of wastewater or gray water for watering plants and car washing, fixing leaks in water pipes, and the development of water filtration systems. 

“We already developed basic designs for the rainwater catchment system that will be distributed to the Metro Manila LGUs,” said Artes. 

"We will distribute these designs to the 17 Metro Manila LGUs in support of the water mitigation measures that they will come up with in their respective cities and municipalities, depending on the needs in their areas," he added.

Artes said Two of the MMDA-designed catchment systems were already installed in a pocket park in Tripa de Gallina October last year where the rainwater harvesting tank was set up near the public toilet so the water can be reused for toilet flushing. 

The other tank, he said, was installed in a pocket garden/greenhouse where the rainwater is used to water plants. 

Quick response 

MMC chairman and San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora said they will be conducting  an inter-barangay water catchment system contest to raise awareness and educate their citizens on how to reuse and recycle rain water. 

Malabon Mayor Jeannie Sandoval, for her part, said that they will craft an ordinance adapting the resolution and will put up water catchment areas in their barangays. 

Still enough

The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) earlier said that there will be no no water rationing and water interruptions for this month as sufficient water volume has been allotted to water concessionaires. 

But Artes said assurance of enough water supply doesn't mean wasting water resources. 

"We need to continuously and consistently save water so that in the coming months, during summer, we will still have a steady supply of it," Artes said.