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Tatler Dining 20 lists down the 20 best restaurants in the Philippines in 2024

A GRAND EVENT. Tatler Dining 20 is a momentous occasion attended by culinary icons where the best dining establishment are recognized for their achievements

The event, as it normally unfolds each year buzzed with anticipation as the who’s who of Philippine gastronomy convened to get a glimpse of the current state of the food and beverage scene and to recognize the finest talents who have made significant contributions in the industry. 

In partnership with HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation), this year’s ceremony took place at the Grand Ballroom of Shangri-La The Fort, a fitting venue for such an opulent occasion.

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Photo shows (L-R): Matthias Koppe, Pepper Teehankee, Robby Goco, Ines Cabarrus-Habayeb, Elian Habayeb, Chinkee Koppe, Aliza Apostol-Goco, Juan Carlo Calma, Bruce Ricketts, Jin Perez, and Jerome Go

In keeping with the times, the F&B arm of Tatler Philippines revamped the process for compiling the dining guide to ensure a more inclusive representation of the dynamic local food scene. With increased input from anonymous panelists and a more discerning approach, a tighter selection was made. Instead of traditional reviews, tastemakers and industry leaders nominated and voted for their favorites, resulting in the Tatler Dining 20, a collection of the most remarkable dining institutions of 2024. “Captivating, influential, and unforgettable” are the exact words that describe the establishments part of the unranked catalog that celebrates memorable dining experiences and presents the crème de la crème of the industry.

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Don Baldosano, Stephan Duhesme and Jordy Navarra

From chic urban eateries to charming provincial gems, the list showcases the diversity and richness of the Philippine dining scene. The following, in no particular order, are the 20 best restaurants in the Philippines in 2024.

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The Rising Star of Tatler Dining this year, Chef Don Baldosano rede-
fines Filipino cuisine with his experimental and contemporary approach at Linamnam. Exploring heritage ingredients and traditional techniques, the young chef comes up with omakase-style tasting menus that change daily based on what he sources. Don’s deep appreciation for Filipino food culture shines through in every surprising and delightful dish.


In Aurora, also named the Best New Restaurant of Tatler Dining this
year, Chefs Nicco Santos and Quenee Vilar present classic Asian cuisine
with a modern twist. Nestled at the Pacific Star building, the spirited bistro captivates diners with its dimly lit, leather-clad interior. Each dish is elegant, robust, and full of texture, keeping patrons returning for more.

Photo by Aurarora's Instagram


Chef Josh Boutwood creates culinary magic with global flavors and techniques in an intimate setting of Helm. In the sleek and minimalist setting of black, copper, and gray, the open kitchen takes center stage. The best seats directly face the kitchen, offering a full view of the action as plates are finished just inches away on the shared countertop. Dim lighting highlights each dish with dramatic flair, showcasing Chef Boutwood's attention to detail. For all of these, the Ayala Triangle Gardens restaurant received the special award for Best Interior Design by Tatler Dining this year.

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Chef Stephan Duhesme is a visionary, deeply immersed in his craft and passion for food at Metiz. The gifted cuisinier is given the Chef of the Year award for 2024 for challenging traditional perceptions of Filipino cuisine, using local ingredients and groundbreaking techniques to whip up dishes that are at once adventurous and refined. Each menu item reflects Stephan’s meticulous approach and unique perspective on the vibrant culinary landscape of the Philippines.

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Photo by Toyo Eatery's Instagram

Toyo Eatery

The recipient of both the Restaurant of the Year and the Best Service distinctions at the Tatler Dining Awards 2024, Toyo Eatery at Karrivin Plaza serves modern Filipino cuisine. Chef Jordy Navarra’s innovative tasting menu brings to light the diverse culinary heritage of the Philippines while adopting sustainability and minimal-waste cooking. With a focus on local producers, Toyo Eatery provides guests with a refined dining experience that celebrates Philippine culture and history.

Antonio's Tagaytay

Antonio’s at Purok 138, Barangay Neogan, in Tagaytay has been a favorite for both special occasions and casual dining. Chef Tony Boy Escalante’s devotion to his craft is evident in the immersive dining experience known for superb food, attentive service, inviting atmosphere, and elegant interior. Responsible for the restaurant, the Antonio’s Group was awarded Restaurateur of the Year in the Tatler Dining Awards 2024. With new ventures like Antonio’s PGA Cars and Breakfast at Antonio’s, along with the launch of Balay Dako in Antipolo and Pedro the Grocer’s product development, the group shows no signs of slowing down.

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Chef Jorge Mendez’s Mōdan has swiftly become a culinary sensation for the neo-Japanese dining experience that leaves diners in thrall. With the success of multiple menus, Jorge continues to impress with his deeply personal and modern cuisine. Though reserved in demeanor, his dishes convey a rich narrative that speaks of his culinary prowess and dedication to his craft.

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Traditional Filipino plates undergo creative transformations in Hapag. Chefs Thirdy Dolatre and Kevin Navoa collaborate with renowned establishments and participate in international food festivals, launching pop-up events, and private dining experiences. The Filipino modern restaurant is moving soon to Balmori Suites at Rockwell.

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Since its humble beginnings as a container van in Poblacion, Makati in 2017, Crosta has rapidly ascended to become one of the world’s top pizzerias. Through the leadership of head chef Yuichi Ito, formerly of Pizza Bar on 38th at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, the restaurant elevated its offerings with homemade ingredients, innovative weekend specials, and the country’s first pizza omakase experience. Ranked as the number two pizzeria in the Asia-Pacific region, Crosta impresses with its renowned cherry Culatello pie, named the World Pizza of the Year 2023, and Chef Yuichi Ito's title of Best Pizza Maker 2024.

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Photo by Gallery by Chele's Instagram

Gallery by Chele

Founded by Juan Carlo Calma and Chef Chele González, Gallery by Chele celebrates a decade of culinary innovation. Known for its inventive use of Filipino produce to create global flavors, the restaurant prioritizes sustainability and maintains its herb garden.

A Mano

A Mano, under the leadership of Amado Forés, is a local favorite with its authentic handmade pizza, pasta, hearty mains, and delectable panna cotta. The Italian parlor recently ranked 12th in the 50 Top Pizzas of the Asia-Pacific. The place maintains its relevance by constantly collaborating with experts like Pizza Massilia and Chef Luciano Monosilio.


Known for her meticulous methods and dedication to culinary excellence, Chef Miko Calo curates state-of-the-art tasting and à la carte menus that showcase her creativity and skill at Metronome. Her recent tasting menu demonstrates her confidence and willingness to take culinary risks, resulting in delightful and memorable dishes.

M Dining + Bar

Chef Tom Bascon’s boundless creativity stands out in the modern European menu with bold Asian twists in M Dining + Bar. Each dish is prepared with emotions, reflecting specific memories and experiences. Tom constantly introduces innovative additions to his menu, keeping diners eagerly anticipating their next culinary journey.

Canton Road

Impeccably prepared dishes focusing on Cantonese and Huaiyang flavors by Chef Wang Wei Qing, excellent service, and elegant interior design define Canton Road. A signature at Shangri-La The Fort, this Chinese restaurant is highlighted by private rooms and stunning floor-to-ceiling windows.


Chef Colin Mackay’s Blackbird at The Nielson Tower delivers an elegant dining experience suitable for various occasions. With Chef Kerwin Go at the helm of the kitchen, contemporary Asian plates shine alongside reliable grill specialties. The well-appointed bar offers extensive cocktail and wine selections. Combined with stunning art deco interiors, Blackbird is a truly iconic destination.

People's Palace

Another restaurant by Chef Colin Mackay, People’s Palace is famous for its exquisite Thai cuisine made from premium ingredients, classic decor, friendly service, and lush outdoor seating. Signature dishes like chicken in pandan leaves and pad thai goong have become beloved favorites.

China Blue

Renowned chef Jereme Leung, with over 40 years of experience under his belt, prepares sophisticated and delicious contemporary Chinese cuisine at China Blue. With its striking interiors and stylish private rooms, it is a top choice for mounting important events. 


At Kyo-To in Legazpi Village, experience the art of kaiseki dining with premium ingredients sourced from Japan. Chef Ryohei Kawamoto hews exquisite tasting menus, concentrating on simplicity to underscore the quality of the ingredients. The intimate restaurant features private dining rooms and an eight-seater Kappou counter where Chef Kawamoto works his magic.

East Ocean Palace

East Ocean Palace wows with its opulent design and spacious layout, setting the stage for an outstanding dining experience. Specializing in Cantonese dishes, the restaurant offers a blend of traditional and innovative dishes masterfully created by head chef Ng Chi Cheong.


Expect flawless fresh fish, Wagyu beef, katsu, and handmade noodles at Tsukiji. The place’s consistency, commitment to Japanese cuisine’s authenticity, and expert cooking techniques have earned it a loyal following. Guests feel at home upon entering, greeted warmly by a staff that remembers their names and orders, fostering a homey atmosphere. Part of the evening was the launch of the updated Tatler Dining Guide, formerly the Best Restaurants Guide. The annual publication depicted as the “ultimate resource for where to eat and what to order in the Philippines,” lists 195 restaurants for 2024.