At the Heart of Philippine décor

Heart Evangelista ushers in a new era for Filipino fixtures as the newest brand ambassador of this furniture boutique

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At the forefront of the bespoke furniture industry, Genteel Home is transforming the landscape of Philippine home décor by championing the extraordinary artistry of Filipino craftsmen. In its pursuit to redefine luxury and elevate living spaces, the furniture boutique teamed up with style and fashion icon, Heart Evangelista, setting to ignite a design revolution like never before.

NEW FACE OF GENTEEL HOMES. From left: Host Bianca Valerio, Brand Ambassador Heart Evangelista, and Genteel Homes Founder Katrina Blanca de Leon

Earlier this month, the founder and principal designer of Genteel Home Katrina Blanca de Leon unveiled Heart Evangelista as the latest brand
ambassador. Perceived as a beacon of the furniture atelier’s growth and evolution, Heart brings a new dimension to Katrina’s aspirations for the industry at large.

“For over a decade, we’ve crafted beautiful furniture and with Heart joining us, our journey blossoms,” Katrina remarked, emphasizing that Heart embodies Genteel Home’s core values, which are passion, Filipino
pride, and a commitment to leaving a lasting impact on the world.

In addition to her knack for rocking any ensemble, Heart also possesses impeccable taste in home decor, turning every space into a work of art. The style maven, recognized for her global influence in fashion and beauty, lauded the international caliber of Genteel Home pieces.

WORLD CLASS. Genteel Home's furniture showcase is proudly Filipino built on par with international brands

“Genteel Home is on par with international furniture. It’s a hidden gem that deserves recognition. Kat and Genteel Home are showcasing our Filipino talent to the world. Many global furniture suppliers are actually from the Philippines. We are world-class, and it’s crucial to celebrate our achievements,” says Heart.

In 2013, Katrina received her first furniture design commission sparking her passion for the craft. This led to the founding of her bespoke furniture studio based in Pampanga. A decade later, the company expanded to the metro with its first branch at SM Podium Mall, marking the beginning of its journey.

Looking ahead, Genteel Home is set on expanding its reach to international markets, showcasing the Philippines' rich talent in home furnishings. Heart Evangelista’s global recognition, not only for her fashion sense but also her social media influence, makes her an ideal representative for Genteel Home’s global aspirations. “Heart’s involvement with Genteel Home signifies our readiness to make our mark on the international stage,” Katrina emphasized.

Each piece in Genteel Home’s furniture catalog catches the eye and sparks conversation.

Aside from focusing on aesthetics, the décor bottega prioritizes sustainability and community involvement. Its investment in a Mahogany farm secures a stable material supply while supporting environmental conservation by replanting for the future and also creating job opportunities for local communities.

With superior craftsmanship and materials, fixtures are also durable and guaranteed to age well with owners.

Katrina would always express that “...At Genteel Home, we live to love.”

This short but sweet sentiment is translated in each of the brand’s furniture pieces created with love and purpose. The partnership with Heart reflects a joint dedication to excellence, sustainability, and Filipino craftsmanship, paving the way for an exciting future.