VP Duterte asks Pinoys: Uphold the spirit of EDSA

Vice President Sara Duterte on Sunday, Feb. 25, asked Filipinos to uphold the spirit of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution as she recalled the “brave souls” whose “courage and determination paved the way for a better Philippines.”

EDSA 38_wreath laying.jpgWreath-laying ceremony for the 38th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution held at the EDSA People Power Monument in Quezon City on Sunday, Feb. 25, 2024. (Noel Pabalate/MANILA BULLETIN)

In a statement, the official lauded those who “who stood united on the streets of EDSA, fighting for democracy and freedom.”

“Their courage and determination paved the way for a better Philippines, and their sacrifices will never be forgotten,” she said.

“As we celebrate this momentous occasion, let us remember the lessons of EDSA - the power of unity, the strength of the Filipino spirit, and the importance of standing up for what is right.”

Duterte called on Filipinos to continue building a just, peaceful, and prosperous nation “where every voice is heard and every dream is achievable.”

“Together, we can overcome any challenge and create a brighter tomorrow for the generations to come. Happy EDSA anniversary to all Filipinos, may we continue to uphold the spirit of EDSA in all that we do,” she said.

The Vice President, granddaughter of Davao’s leading Yellow Friday Movement activist Soledad Duterte, won in the May 2022 elections with President Marcos, son and namesake of the late dictator, former president Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

The 1986 EDSA People Power Revolt ousted Marcos and his family, including the current Chief Executive, after millions of Filipinos took to the main artery of Metro Manila to call for an end of oppression, corruption, and abuses by the dictatorship.