Marcos orders BCDA: Finish 20-km Clark access road on time

President Marcos directed the  Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) to ensure the timely completion of the remaining works of the 20-kilometer access road linking the New Clark City (NCC) and the Clark International Airport.

Screenshot 2024-02-21 114914.png
President Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos Jr. (RTVM Screenshot)

Marcos was referring to the 19.81-kilometer six-lane  Airport to New Clark City Access Road (ANAR), which he inspected on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

He said that the road project plays a crucial role in "unlocking the potential of Clark," which, he said, is a "continuing task."

"So, I ask you in the BCDA to ensure the completion of the remaining works for this 20-kilometer highway," Marcos said in his speech.

"Once fully operational—I understand that you will open it tomorrow. Once operational, it will reduce travel time between the Clark International Airport and New Clark City from one hour to 20 minutes. It will also save commuters’ money – as ANAR is toll free," he added.

The President stated that the road "is much more than just an access road" as it is part of the plan to propel Clark as an alternate growth area.

Marcos stressed that Clark can now host a wide range of economic activities including innovation labs, creative workshops, manufacturing concerns, leisure complexes, and a cyber corridor.

The Clark metropolis, he further said, has what it takes to be a mecca for tourists, a magnet of investments, and a market of goods and services.

"We must leverage these attributes into higher visitor traffic, attracting more investments that generate better jobs and spur economic activity," he said.

"It is a red carpet rolled out to those who will partake in all the best things that Clark can offer," he added.

The P8.42-billion ANAR is part of BCDA’s One Clark development approach, which aims to propel economic and social transformation in the country by developing alternative growth areas outside Metro Manila.

As of February 14, the access road is 95.21 percent accomplished, with the remaining carriageway, or six-lane runway already fully completed while all remaining works are expected to be completed by June 24.

Once completed, it will serve as a dedicated access road with the goal of enhancing connectivity across Luzon, aiming to revolutionize travel and trade between Central and Northern Luzon, Metro Manila and Clark International Airport.

It includes a 900-meter bridge over the Sacobia River in Bamban, Tarlac.