London Fashion Week: UpSlowUse’s upcycled revolution

This circular fashion brand emerges as a beacon of sustainable innovation

(Photos by Can Levent)

Amid the illustrious showcases of London Fashion Week, UpSlowUse, a Ukraine-based circular fashion brand, emerged as a beacon of sustainable innovation, captivating audiences with a compelling fusion of upcycled denim, avant-garde cuts, and deeply personal narratives in its Spring-Summer 2024 collection.

(Photos by Can Levent)

Led by the visionary designer Mi Ogly, the brand made a resounding statement at the UA in UK Fashion Show, reinforcing that sustainability is indeed the future of fashion, and that edginess knows no bounds. The show's standout feature lay in its ability to seamlessly intertwine sustainable ethos with striking, individualistic designs, offering a fresh perspective on eco-conscious fashion.

(Photos by Can Levent)
(Photos by Can Levent)

The collection's avant-garde aesthetic and commitment to weaving personal narratives into each piece cemented the brand's status as a trailblazer in the global fashion scene, proving that sustainability is not a hindrance to creativity, but rather a wellspring of inspiration.

The author at the UpSlowUse show (Photo by Can Levent)