Embrace ‘true comfort beyond breeze’

Experience redefined cooling comfort with the energy-efficient Midea AirStill Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner

At a glance

  • Midea's Airstill Inverter Split Type Air Conditioners, available in 1.0HP and 1.5HP models, represent a significant advancement in air-cooling technology. They are designed to offer more than just relief from heat, focusing on environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.

  • The Midea air conditioners are notable for their energy efficiency, earning a 5-star rating on the Energy Efficiency Performance Rating by the Department of Energy. They are ranked as the most energy-efficient among over 700 split-type models in the Philippine market.

  • These air conditioners feature a high-performance Inverter Quattro compressor, which operates at remarkable speeds, ensuring rapid cooling. They also incorporate an Ultra-Fast Fan and Ultra-Wide Air Outlet for quick temperature reduction.

  • The air conditioners boast a unique design with 7,928 micro-holes placed in varying directions and sizes, ensuring a dispersed and enveloping cool breeze. This design provides a superior cooling experience compared to traditional models.

  • The Midea Airstill air conditioners are IoT-enabled and Wi-Fi-ready, allowing users to connect, control, and monitor their air conditioner through Midea's SmartHome mobile app. This feature offers convenience and enhances user experience by allowing remote control and monitoring.

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Air conditioners provide physical relief and emotional comfort from the scorching heat, creating an ideal sanctuary for reconnecting with loved ones during the holiday season. 

Along with advancements in technology, air cooling solution brands now offer more than relief from the heat as they also value environmental responsibility, championing energy-efficient consumption practices that go beyond providing an ordinary cooling experience. 

Here to provide comfort that surpasses the ordinary, Concepcion Midea Incorporated Philippines commonly known as a household brand Midea, one of the country’s leading and most trusted names in home solutions, continues to enable cherished moments, surprisingly friendly experiences, and tenderly nurtured relationships through offering innovative air-cooling appliances that go beyond the mere breeze, ushering in a new era of excellent comfort and environmental responsibility. 

In the pursuit of true comfort beyond breeze, Midea brings back its premium air conditioning product that’s energy-efficient, has high cooling capacity, and boasts high-performance Inverter Quattro compressor operation speed. It is rated with 5 stars on the Energy Efficiency Performance Rating of the Department of Energy. It is listed as the number 1 most energy-efficient out of the 700+ split-type models available in the Philippine market, per Department of Energy data, making it a perfect choice for upgrading your home without breaking the bank.

MIDEA Airstill_Flap Folded.jpg
Midea Airstill

The Midea 1.0HP and 1.5HP Airstill Inverter Split Type Air Conditioners bring an innovative cooling solution that transcends common air conditioner capacity, redefining the essence of cooling comfort, ideal in every Filipino household. 

MIDEA Inverter.png
Airstill Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner

“We are thrilled to formally bring back the Midea Airstill air-conditioning line as we continue our pursuit of helping every Filipino family discover happiness with Midea’s world-class products. Through the high-quality innovation this line offers, we hope to elevate homes with an air-cooling solution that is at the top of its line while being the most energy efficient in the market,” shares Anna Marie Alejandro, General Manager of Concepcion Midea Inc., Philippines.

These inverters are a breakthrough in cooling technology with 7,928 micro-holes meticulously placed in different directions and sizes. This precision engineering ensures that the air is not merely circulated but diverted and dispersed, creating a cool breeze that envelops your space with a touch of finesse. 

MIDEA Airstill_Flap Folded With Zoomed-in Holes.jpg
Airstill micro holes

With its Full DC Inverter Quattro technology, Midea takes energy efficiency to new heights. The high-performance Inverter Quattro compressor operates at a remarkable speed. This swift and efficient operation not only ensures rapid cooling but also sets the Airstill apart as the highest-rated energy-efficient air conditioner. It's not just about staying cool; it's about doing so responsibly. 

These units efficiently provide relief with its Ultra-Fast Fan and Ultra-Wide Air Outlet. In as fast as 40 seconds, this dynamic duo collaborates to rapidly decrease the room temperature, creating an instant embrace of coolness. 

Airstill_Front Left Transparent Panel.jpg
Airstill Ultra-Fast Fan and Ultra-Wide Air Outlet

Additionally, Midea Airstill is IOT-enabled or Wi-Fi-ready, letting you connect with, control, and monitor the air-conditioner anytime, anywhere using Midea's innovative SmartHome mobile app.

Don’t miss the premium tender cooling sensation and elevate your lifestyle with Midea 1.0HP and 1.5HP Airstill Inverter Split Type Air Conditioners. Now is the time to create and embrace a transformative tender cooling experience that sets a new standard for comfort beyond breeze!

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