CIA with BA: Good intentions gone wrong

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  • The program carries on the legacy of Senator Rene Cayetano, the late father of the sibling senators.

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FROM LEFT: King of Talk Boy Abunda and siblings Senators Pia Cayetano and Alan Peter Cayetano.

Franklin took to ‘CIA with BA’ to seek help and advice on what to do after he got assaulted twice when he tried to discipline a child in the neighborhood.

According to Franklin, he got into a fistfight with the father and then the uncles of a child whom he had stopped from holding and pointing a dirty stick at other kids. 

However, the incident was caught on CCTV camera and based on the footage, it looked like he used extra force as he grabbed the child’s nape.

“You can have good intentions [but] you cannot put your hands on another person’s child,” Senator Alan Peter Cayetano pointed out as he assessed Franklin’s case.

“Remember, it’s not what you say, it’s what you hear. Kasi kapag sinabi mong ‘hindi ko sinaktan,’ ang naririnig agad nung magulang, hindi ka sorry,” he said.

“Pero ‘pag inunahan mo ng ‘pasensya na kayo ha,’ and then ‘pag nakinig na saka mo sabihin na, ‘by the way po, kung titignan po sa CCTV, hindi ko po ginawa ‘yon.’ It’s the way you say it,” Kuya Alan added.

Pia Cayetano also expressed her thoughts on Franklin’s situation.

“Tiningnan ko rin kasi ‘yung CCTV. Talagang masasabi ko rin na parang unnecessary use of force ang ginamit mo sa bata,” she said. “Bagamat sabihin mong maganda ang intensyon mo na hindi mapahiran ng [dumi ‘yung ibang bata], pero hindi reasonable ang iyong aksyon.”

Kuya Alan, meanwhile, explained the possible things that could happen.

“Isang pwedeng mangyari, pareho kayong makukulong. Pareho kayong masisintensyahan, pareho kayong mapa-parole,” he noted. “The other thing is someone you both respect, whether it’s the barangay captain or someone [na mas] matanda sa inyo, can sit you down, explain everything. Kasi alam niyo, kaya ‘yung sinasabing ‘forgive and forget,’ kasi minsan ‘pag forgive lang and you don’t forget, ano e, ‘pag uminit ulo, tuloy na naman. Ang problema lang minsan, that’s why we say ‘forgive but don’t forget,’ para ‘wag maulit.”

“Of course we’re willing to help, whether to talk to your barangay captain [or] assign one of [our] lawyers but ‘yun nga, both sides have to admit na may mali sila,” said Alan.

The program carries on the legacy of Senator Rene Cayetano, the late father of the sibling senators. The senior Cayetano was a renowned lawyer who gained fame through his radio and TV program 'Compañero y Compañera,' which aired from 1997 to 2001.

‘CIA with BA’ hosted by Alan, Pia, and Boy airs every Sunday, 11:00 p.m. on GMA7.