Grandparents' Day Special: Sexy stars pay tribute to their lolos and lolas

With Grandparents' Day around the corner, it's high time we give our beloved lolos and lolas the spotlight they deserve.

After all, they're like the secret sauce in the recipe of our lives.

It's like they've got this magic touch that just makes everything better.

Bulletin Entertainment recently sat down with three Viva actresses, Yen Durano, Apple Dy, and Chloe Jenna to get a bit of a peek into the relationship they shared with their grandparents and how it helped shape their lives.

Yen Durano

Yen, daughter of actor DJ Durano, holds her grandparents' love close to her heart.

She fondly recalls how her grandparents consistently encouraged her to be good and to diligently pursue her studies.

She urged others to make more time for their dear lolos and lolas.

"Sometimes hindi natin na re-realize yun na, you know, they can be lonely too. So talk to them," Yen related.

Did she ever regret not being able to spend time with her grandparents as a young girl?

"For me no regrets since tapos na yun lahat. For me ang magagawa ko na lang is cherish the moments that we have together now. I'm grateful na they're still here on Earth maybe bawi na lang tayo sa oras."

Both Apple and Chloe couldn't help but get emotional  discussing their late grandparents.

Apple vividly remembers how her paternal grandmother, who was staying in a faraway province, would always write her sweet handwritten letters.

Apple Dy

Although her lola has since passed, her words continue to be a source of motivation for Apple.

Apple expressed regret not being able to see her grandma before she passed away.

She mirrored Yen's sentiments on the importance of spending time with grandparents.

"Love them. Cherish them. Respect them. We never know yung time when. Matatanda na sila, they're getting older so spend more time."

Chloe couldn't agree more.

Chloe Jenna

The actress attributed her passion for the arts to her grandmother.

It saddens her that her grandmother wasn't able to witness her debut as a thespian. 

She passed away on the night of her very first show.

One of her cherished memories is that of her lola cooking breakfast for her -- from elementary to college. 

Her grandmother would even give her some pocket money and pack her some takeaway food.

She shares the same regret as Apple.

"Nu'ng nag-start yung theater ko, du'n din nag-start yung cancer niya. So every time na hinahanap niya ako hindi ko na siya napupuntahan," she shared, her voice filled with emotion.

And what was the advice she received from her grandmother?

"Magtapos ka ng pag-aaral kasi yun yung something na hindi maagawa or hindi mawawala sayo habang buhay; yun talaga yung greatest achievement," she said.

So Chloe advises all the grandchildren out there to always listen to their grandparents. They hold invaluable wisdom, she stressed.

"Kasi na experience na nila before. So lahat ng mga pangaral niya may pinanggagalingan. Tested na talaga nila," Chloe pointed out.

"Wala namang masama if talagang makikinig ka at susunod ka. Well, kung meron ka namang gustong gawin na taliwas sa advice, mas maganda pa din na i-consider lahat yun."