Cherry Roam 5G portable WiFi: Your away-from-home connection, in your pocket


Have a friend in your pocket when you travel, here local or abroad. And make that friend the one that can connect you back to home, and even the rest of the world -- Cherry Roam 5G portable WiFi,

We've been away and around since the pandemic restrictions have been lifted, and the Cherry Roam 5G U50 pocket WiFi has proved itself as the most reliable travel buddy.


The Cherry Roam 5G U50 , for one, offers high-speed and low latency 5G connectivity capable of up to 2.5Gbps download speeds.

And this pocketable travel buddy is also very friendly with old and new friends outside, as the Cherry Roam 5G U50 can connect up to 16 devices with its WiFi 5 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac connectivity. As an added plus, this 5G travel pocket WiFi also works in over 100 countries and destinations across the world.

The Cherry Roam 5G U50 2.4-inch touchscreen lets you monitor the connected devices, signal strength and data consumption. It also works with the Cherry Roam mobile app for even further customization.

And this travel buddy is not one to complain of exhaustion from long trips, and it even has your back as the U50's 5,400mAh battery also work as a power bank with its reverse charging feature. 


Bear in mind, the Cherry Roam 5G U50 is equipped with reversible charge 5400mAH battery that can last over 12hrs, with 5G high speed, low latency, network connection, faster and uninterrupted even if your device is not 5G ready, in a country without 5G signal.

Cherry Roam 5G U50 highlights:

  • 5G high speed, low latency – Speed up to 2.5Gbps, 15 times the speed of 4G*and 30% decrease in delay and stall rate. Uninterrrupted video streaming and online learning
  • Instant Network Reselection – Monitors active and standby data networks and intelligently switch to thebest connection to enjoy uninterrupted network service.
  • Connects up to 16 devices – Allows user to share the internet connection between 16 devices, with Wi-Fi 5 technology, Multi-person can access the device, no interference
  • Power Bank Feature – Packed with a 5,400 mAh battery that lets you stay connected for over 12hrs, the Reverse Charging feature allows device to charge while on-the-go
  • Touch Screen LCD – 2.4” touch screen that lets you personalize your pocket wi-fi and monitor your data consumption, check signal strength and count the number of connected devices
  • Mobile application-supported – Pair with the Cherry Roam mobile app to start using the device