Thriller film ‘Lost in the Star’ to open exclusively at SM Cinemas

“Lost in the Stars,” about a couple’s first wedding anniversary on an island going haywire, will open exclusively at SM Cinemas this month. 

The film stars Zhu Yilong as He Fei, Ni Ni as Shen Man, Janice Man as Li Muzi and Du Jiang as Zheng Cheng.

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“Lost in the Stars"

“Lost in the Stars” is adapted from the ‘90s Russian film “A Trap for the Lonely Man.” It’s about the disappearance of He Fei’s wife, Muzi, not long after they’ve arrived at the island to celebrate their first anniversary as a married couple. 

He Fei reports to the local police but the case has been dismissed due to lack of strong evidence. As he continues to search for his wife, he wakes up one morning only to find a woman in his room claiming to be his wife. 

As he tries to find his wife, he hires a lawyer named Chen to prove that the woman has faked her identity and to finally unravel the truth of his wife’s disappearance.

 "As I began reading, my heart was calm and steady. But as I reached the end, I couldn't help but gasp in shock — the ending was completely unexpected. The character intrigued me greatly. He is vastly different from me, making the role one that I have never done before,” said Zhu. 

The movie is China’s biggest hit for weeks when it opened and has so far amassed $485 million at the box-office worldwide.

An Encore Films presentation distributed by Warner Bros., “Lost in the Stars” opens on Sept. 27 exclusively at SM Cinemas.