JBL Tour One M2 review: setting a new standard in wireless headphone technology

Unveiling JBL Philippines' latest innovation: excellent sound, smart features, and long-lasting battery life

At a glance

  • The JBL Tour One M2 boasts 40 mm drivers and Hi-Res certified sound, ensuring a rich and vibrant audio experience. The active noise cancellation (ANC) is particularly effective, offering isolation from the surrounding noise and making it ideal for use while commuting and working.

  • The headphones offer up to 50 hours of battery life with ANC turned off. This extended battery life is particularly beneficial for long travels or for those who don't want to worry about recharging frequently.

  • The Smart Ambient technology allows essential external sounds like voices and traffic noises to filter through, enhancing safety when walking in busy areas. The Smart Talk feature pauses your music automatically when you engage in conversation, allowing a seamless transition between listening and talking.

  • The JBL Headphones app features Personi-Fi 2.0, which allows users to customize their listening experience. After a quick setup where you rate a series of tones, the audio output is adjusted to suit your personal hearing profile, making it feel like you have a pair of custom-tuned headphones.

  • With Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair, connecting the headphones to devices is simple and quick. It eliminates the need to navigate through complicated Bluetooth settings, offering a hassle-free user experience.

JBL Philippines recently launched their newest innovation in audio technology - the JBL Tour One M2 wireless headphones. I tested it out, and here's what I think.

Upon unboxing, the first thing I noticed about the JBL Tour One M2 was its premium build. The headphones have a solid yet comfortable feel, and the Head of JBL Philippines, Larry Secreto, wasn't wrong when he said the JBL Tour One M2 is "comfortable to wear for long periods of time."



The audio quality is rich and vibrant with 40 mm drivers and Hi-Res certified sound. Active noise cancellation (ANC) is impressive. I've used them while commuting and working, and they effectively tune out the world around me.

The battery life, touted at up to 50 hours with ANC turned off, is stellar. It's perfect for those long travels or even a few days of average use without recharging.

One of the standout features is the Smart Ambient technology. As someone who often walks in busy areas, I found this feature particularly useful. The technology ensures you're not entirely shut off from the world. The headphones smartly allow sounds like voices and traffic, ensuring safety while crossing roads or conversing.

Speaking of conversations, the Smart Talk feature is genuinely innovative. Having music automatically pause when you engage in conversation, without manually doing anything, is a delightful touch. This feature works flawlessly, but it can be turned off via the JBL Headphones app for those who'd prefer not to use it.

JBL's Personi-Fi 2.0 further elevated my listening experience. After a quick setup in the JBL Headphones app, where I rated a series of tones, the audio output was noticeably more tailored to my ears. It's akin to having a pair of custom-tuned headphones, ensuring what you're hearing is optimally adjusted for your personal hearing profile.

Pairing the headphones with devices was a breeze, thanks to Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair. Gone are the days of diving deep into Bluetooth settings and waiting for devices to be found. With a simple tap, the headphones seamlessly connected to my devices.



All these features come at a price, and the JBL Tour One M2 is indeed an investment. But considering the range of features, exceptional sound quality, and battery life justifies its premium pricing.

JBL's Tour One M2 headphones stand out as a significant upgrade from their predecessors. The excellent sound and many new features make them perfect for daily use. They're suitable for music fans, people who travel a lot, or those who work in loud places.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for top-tier headphones that deliver the basics and the extra mile with unique features, the JBL Tour One M2 should be on your radar. They offer a harmonious blend of quality, innovation, and longevity that few in the market can match.