Nadine Lustre makes a stand for platonic relationships, calls out online harassment

Nadine Lustre wants people to realize boys and girls being friends should be already considered normal in this day and age.

She recently expressed this view on her social media accounts.

On X, Nadine tweeted: "normalize girls having guy friends. normalize guys having girl friends."

"In complete awe that some of ‘my fans' actually called me 't*ng*' in their gc just cause they think they can live my life better than I can," she added, noting how those naysayers are also the same people that spread baseless rumors.

"Grateful the real ones never engage with their bs tbh."

Nadine emphasized that she didn't want to hear "self-righteous and condescending lectures" from people who believed in gossip because she finds it "toxic."

 She then ended her message sharing a meme depicting a man holding a sign with heart emoji.

"This for the real ones out there, who don’t partake in the bs."