You are about to have the two best weekends of your life in Poblacion

Starting this weekend, SingaPob brings the best
of Singapore’s nightlife scene to Poblacion

At a glance

  • Some of the world’s best bars will bring their best to this Makati neighborhood.


Filipinos have always loved their libations—that’s a statistically and historically factual statement. An International Wine and Spirits Research report a decade ago published information about the habits of the Pinoy drinker, including how we consume 43 percent of the world’s gin, landing us on the very top spot of gin drinkers. 


The magazine The Economist in 2012 noted that “Filipinos drank almost 200 million liters of gin…” The same report also said we were the world’s third biggest consumer of rum, also another 200 million liters. 
Historically, our conquerors wrote their amazement about the drinking habits of our precolonial ancestors. 


Magellan’s chronicler Pigafetta relates how natives always presented wine with their food. They were welcomed by royal natives with wine, and each mouthful of dish was always knocked back with wine made from coconuts. The 16th century Boxer Codex includes stories of our ancestors celebrating feasts for days, with drinking binges always a main feature. Rituals were marked always with lots of food and lots of drinking. When Spain issued a decree restricting wine production, Ilocos threw up their hands and said, “Oh no not our wine!” and thus  began the historical 1807 Basi revolt. It’s safe to say our love for drinking has not been diluted through the years. And while many of us have stayed loyal to our basi or our tuba or our lambanog or our local beers and gins, the modern Pinoy is spoilt for choices.

The Spirit Library (FB)

For example, if you can’t go to Singapore to experience its bars, Singapore’s bars will come to you.
Called Singapob, this is a pub crawl you won’t want to miss. Kicking off this weekend,  Manila’s party scene is going to be blessed with a two-week bar takeover featuring a lineup of Singapore bars recognized as some of the best watering holes in Asia and the world. 

Imagine being able to do the rounds of the most diverse and eclectic choices in two weekends—from speakeasy cocktail bars to craft beef purveyors—all of which have landed in the Best of the Best lists not just in Singapore, or Asia, but all over the world. 
Here's the schedule you need to know.


Week 1 (Aug 17 to Aug 19, 8 p.m. to 11 p.m)

Republic Bar at The Spirits Library 
How would you like to knock back a few at the 90th best bar in the world, and the 16th best bar in Asia? Republic Bar, hosted at The Spirits Library, will not just curate the best drinks for you but will also craft an innovative menu that pays homage to the '60s, a hallmark decade when Singapore became independent. Enjoy the libations with a pop of culture.

TheSpiritsLibrary fb.jpg
The Spirits Library (FB)

Nutmeg & Clove at Bar55

This bar is 74th among The World’s Best Bars 2022 and the seventh in Asia’s Best Bars 2023—how impressive is that? This restaurant and cocktail bar will serve a lineup of modern Singaporean cuisine alongside its progressive cocktails.


Smoke & Mirrors at RunRabbitRun

One of the most beautiful bars in SG, perched atop the National Gallery, has descended onto Poblacion to give Pinoys a chance to taste its creations. Visit and know why this is 60th among Asia’s best bars.

runrabbitrun fb.jpg
runrabbitrun (FB)

Sugarhall at Buccanneers Rum & Kitchen

In 2016, Sugarhall burst into the scene with an impressive debut in Asia’s Best Bar at number 48. After only a year, it leaped 10 places to number 38. We will leave it up to you to discover why when you try out its playfully named menu called Not Too Sweet.

Buccanneers Rum and Kitchen fb.jpg
Buccanneers Rum and Kitchen (FB)

Last Word  at OTO

Its opened only last year, but Last Word already won Best New International Cocktail Bar at the Spirited Awards in 2022 and debuted at number 61 among Asia’s Best Bars 2023. Cheers!

oto fb.jpg
Oto (FB)

Week 2 (Aug.24 to 26, 8 p.m to 11 p.m.)

Sago House at The Spirits Library

Sago House is 51st among The World’s Best Bars 2023 and 10th among Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023. It has also bagged the 2023 Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award. Impressed? Wait till you hear that it only serves drinks based on available ingredients.


Tippling Club at OTO

Innovative cuisine and progressive cocktails—that’s the promise of Asia’s 63rd best bar for 2023. A gastro-cocktail destination, this bar, owned by chef Ryan Clift, combines its flair for the dramatic with ultra-sophisticated cocktails.


Night Hawk  at Rub Rabbit Run

Night Hawk, which takes its inspiration from Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” paintings, is a retro-chic, futuristic speakeasy as Campari’s “One to Watch.” It’s currently the title holder of the 73rd spot among Asia’s Best Bars 2023.


Employees Only Singapore  at Bar55

Hailing originally from NYC, Employees Only opened its second outpost in Singapore in June 2016. It is currently 30th among Asia’s Best Bars 2023. It’s time for Pinoys to take a sip. Third outpost in the PH, perhaps?


The Elephant Room at Banter&Jive

At Asia’s Best bar’s number 64, cocktails are distinctive, thanks to a spirit selection entirely sourced from India.

Banter&Jive (FB)

Papa Doble at Buccaneers Rum & Kitchen

Papa Doble pairs innovative cocktails with Mediterranean flavors, and holds a spot among Time Out’s 50 Best Bars in Singapore 2023. Food and drink offerings are named after the author Ernrest Hemingway’s most famous works and created by incorporating bold flavors and cutting-edge techniques.