BayaniChain sets to introduce innovations in the Philippine Blockchain Week 2023

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Next-gen tech firm BayaniChain sets to energize the stage at the upcoming Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW) 2023 this September to showcase its latest apps and wow the audience on the capabilities of Next Generation Technology in addressing real-life scenarios.

A blockchain-based tech company, BayaniChain will mainly be featuring its app called “R-Wards” that aims to revolutionize customer engagement. The app will enable businesses to take advantage of tokenizing digital assets for better brand love through membership and loyalty programs in the Next-gen Web ecosystem, thus opening new opportunities for potential revenue and operational advantages.

“One of the main goals of this conference is to introduce to regular Filipinos the practical applications of Next-gen tech that can help simplify and even improve their daily lives. We at BayaniChain are excited to share our journey and learn from the other future-forward participants as well, because we believe that collaboration and cooperation will help bring us closer to our goal of creating an equitable future for all,” said BayaniChain CEO Paul Soliman.

The Philippine Blockchain Week aims to bring together relevant government departments, next-gen tech companies, and well-known figures from the blockchain world to learn about the real-world applications of blockchain tech and understand how it can be harnessed to solve persistent issues and uplift lives. This year’s theme is “BRKOUT!” to encourage participants to break out of their comfort zones and embrace new opportunities in the blockchain space.

Started in 2022, the PBW is a tech conference with the aim of shaping the country as the blockchain capital of Asia by empowering businesses to maximize new trends and technologies that will help them future-proof themselves in the increasingly digital business environment.

This year’s conference will be held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, Newport World Resorts in Pasay City from September 18 to 22, 2023. For tickets and more information on PBW 2023, visit <>.

BayaniChain’s participation at PBW is another way for the company to advance its advocacy of creating a future for all, powered by technology. To learn more about BayaniChain, visit the website <>.