Indian man arrested for estafa in Pasay City

A 24-year-old Indian man was arrested for estafa amounting to P200,000 in Pasay City on Tuesday, July 25.
Southern Police District (SPD) Director Brig. Gen. Roderick Mariano said the suspect identified as Varun Gupta was arrested at around 6:00 p.m. in a restaurant along SM by the Bay in Mall of Asia, Pasay City.
The police said the suspect's unidentified companion was able to elude arrest, and is being hunted by police.
According to the report submitted to Col. Froilan Uy, Pasay police chief, Gupta contacted the 48-year-old victim through the Telegram application, offering to sell his online Indian corporate bank account amounting to P200,000.
Upon agreeing to buy the bank account, the victim met with the suspect at a restaurant in the mall to pay the P200,000.
After the victim handed the payment to Gupta and his cohort, the suspects excused themselves to get water, but the victim followed.
The suspects tried to escape while the victim chased them. He was able to catch Gupta, but the cohort was able to escape with the P200,000. 

The Pasay police detained Gupta at the police custodial facility after his arrest. 

Estafa charges are being filed against the suspect.