Villar tells Antigue grads to be resilient like bamboo

Senator Cynthia A. Villar has called on graduates of of the University of Antique to be resilient like bamboo.

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Senator Cynthia Villar advises graduates of the University of Antique to be resilient like bamboo. She reminds them to be strong in facing all life's challenges. The senator was the Guest Speaker during the university's 71st Commencement Exercises with the theme "BAMbUhAy! (Bago, Angat, at Makabuluhang bUhAy!) (Photo courtesy of O/S Cynthia Villar)

Villar cited the theme "BAMbUhAy! (Bago, Angat, at Makabuluhang bUhAy!)," during the 71st Commencement Exercises of the University of Antique as "fitting representation" of its goal to become a leading institution in the bamboo technology.

She noted that this aspiration aligns perfectly with Antique's  local heritage.

"As we know, bamboo symbolizes strength, flexibility, and growth. Just like bamboos, invest in nurturing your inner selves, cultivating resilience, and never fearing the occasional bend. Ultimately, you will return to your original form, stronger than ever before," Villar told the graduates

"Embrace the challenges with courage, face the unknown with determination, and let your passion be the driving factor to help you achieve things," she further reminded them.

As you prepare to embark on new journey, the chairperson of  the Senate Committee on Agriculture told them they are equipped with the tools and knowledge to make a positive impact in the world.

She also noted that just like Antique, bamboo holds a special significance in her hometown-Las Piñas.

"If there’s one thing that is unique about Las Piñas, my hometown, it is the Bamboo Organ, which is considered a Philippine National Treasure. It is the only 19th century Bamboo Organ in the Philippines that has survived and is still functioning," she said.

She likewise mentioned her continuing efforts to support and promote the bamboo industry.

She has been undertaking  several projects involving bamboo.

One of them is the maintenance of the bamboo plantations  she started along the two rivers in Las Piñas which prevent soil erosion and help in urban greening.

She has also been embarking on the conservation of  the two Bambusetums she built which serves as parks and educate people about the over 70 bamboo species in the city.

She also supports  the craft and trade of the Las Piñas parol makers using bamboo as frames.

Her Villar SIPAG Farm School has been sponsoring courses in teaching bamboo propagation, nursery and plantation management together with TESDA.  She supports the Villar SIPAG bamboo processing factory intended as a livelihood showcase and encouraging bamboo farming.

"In the Senate,  I principally authored Senate Bill No. 615 or the  Philippine Bamboo Industry Development Act of 2022, which seeks to institutionalize bamboo industry development in our country. This aims to make the Philippine bamboo industry competitive in the local and international markets while providing opportunities for local employment and establishing bamboo-based community enterprises, " she said.