BSP commemorative coins signify what PH has achieved in 125 years of independence --- Marcos

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. has led the  launching of commemorative coins for the 125th anniversary of the Philippine independence and nationhood, which, he said, show how far the country have gone.

APIN Coins.jpg
(Photo courtesy of BSP)

Marcos joined Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Felipe Medalla in unveiling the coin set in Malacañang on Monday, June 5.

The BSP issued the coin set with P100, P20, and P5 denominations in commemoration of the 1898 declaration of Philippine independence, the birth of the country’s first republic at the Barasoain Church, and the bravery of the Filipinos who fought for the country’s sovereignty in the Philippine-American War, respectively.

"Sometimes we think of these commemorative coins, or this kind of commemorative remembrances of an event, in this case the 125th independence day of the Philippines as something to remind us of the day," Marcos said in his speech.

"But it is particularly significant when we do this via these coinages that we have created for the 125th Independence Day. Because in a very real sense, the establishment of a formal currency, like any country, is part of the definition of being a sovereign nation," Marcos added.

Marcos further said the commemorative coins "also reminds us how far we have gone and the significant of what we have achieved in 125 years."

According to the President, the central bank used the latest digital printing technology in developing the anniversary of the Philippine independence and nationhood (APIN) coin set, which features the first colored, non-circulation, commemorative coins produced by the BSP.

"We have used the most modern technology, which also signifies that the Philippines is at that stage in its development that we are now at the forefront and we’ll use the best technologies, the best techniques, everything that is good and new for our country," the President said.

Medalla, in his speech, said the commemorative coins as part of BSP's effort to preserve the cultural heritage and promote pride in our shared history.

The BSP will announce on its social media channels when the APIN coin set will be available for sale. The coin set will be sold at the BSP Store