More than 75,000 Filipino adult smokers quit smoking for IQOS 

Just three years after it was launched, an estimated 75,000 Filipinos have quit smoking cigarettes and adopted IQOS, a device that heats without burning tobacco and is scientifically validated as a better alternative to smoking.


PMFTC, Inc., the local affiliate of Philip Morris International Inc. launched IQOS in June 2020 in the pilot area of Metro Manila and has since expanded its presence nationwide when it embarked on its bold vision to deliver a smoke-free Philippines.

“We remain steadfast on our vision to deliver a smoke-free Pilipinas. We are optimistic that more adult smokers will quit cigarettes as we continue to innovate and expand our presence in the country,” Dave Gomez, PMFTC’s communication director said.

Dave Gomez, PMFTC Communications Director

Globally, over 18.5 million smokers in almost 70 countries abandoned cigarettes completely for heated tobacco which has been scientifically validated as a much better alternative to smoking.

HeatControl™ is a patented technology used in IQOS that precisely heats, without burning, tobacco-filled sticks wrapped in paper called HEETS to release a water-based aerosol. Unlike cigarettes, IQOS does not burn tobacco and therefore produces no smoke and no ash.

IQOS Originals

“If only all the 16 million Filipino smokers who don’t quit would switch to heated tobacco products, imagine the significant reduction in smoking-related diseases in the country,” Gomez added.

In November last year, PMFTC introduced its more affordable device called BONDS by IQOS.


To celebrate its 3rd anniversary, PMFTC launched IQOS Together.X – a series of events exclusive only to IQOS CLUB members – the first of its kind in the Philippines.

On June 17, IQOS CLUB Members were treated to a craft-beverage journey at OTO in Poblacion, Makati. Shortly after, they experienced a special tasting menu served by the award-winning team of TOYO Eatery on June 23.

The culminating night of IQOS Together.X was celebrated at The Yuchengco Museum on June 29 where the 2021-2022 winners of the Philippine Art Awards are on exhibit. Signature offerings from The Moment Catering and festivities were the highlights of the spectacular night, attended by over 150 members.