Ballet Philippines' 54th Season: Explore the power of dance through new stories and underlying themes

Ballet Philippines endeavors to take our experience of ballet a notch higher

This season, Ballet Philippines (BP) explores the power of dance and the countless ways this art form can move and transform us.

Ballet Philippines’ President, Kathleen Liechtenstein shares, “Dance is a powerful human expression and is fundamentally the anchor for BP's program to entertain, educate, and inspire. This year’s theme was the fitting call as we transitioned into in-person performances and hybrid programming.”

After last season’s much-awaited return to the grand stage, Ballet Philippines endeavors to take their audiences’ experience of ballet a notch higher.


Kathleen elaborated further, “You can expect stronger dancing, technically improved choreography. Our aim is to highlight dancers’ skills and talents. You can also expect exciting partnerships with Solaire as well as other creative communities. Through the power of dance, we hope to inspire, uplift, awaken and energize a new chapter in Philippine performance arts."

Power To Inspire
The season opens with the enchanting ballet, "Coppelia," in August. Based on stories by E.T.A. Hoffmann, this 1870 comic ballet tells the tale of a mad scientist enamored by his "daughter." Love conquers all in this enduring narrative that reminds us to look beyond surface beauty and embrace our perfect imperfections. Through the mesmerizing power of dance, Ballet Philippines invites audiences on a joyous journey of self-discovery and love, inspiring introspection while delivering a lighthearted and magical performance.


Power to Energize and Uplift
Across the diverse cultures and faiths, Christmas is a time for celebration, gratitude, and reconnecting with loved ones. Ballet Philippines' "A Christmas Fairytale" will become a cherished tradition, bringing families, friends, patrons, dance enthusiasts, and art lovers together during this festive season. By opening a portal to a world where tales, myths, and lore intertwine, this ballet creates a magical realm where dance serves as both language and currency. At the core of this delightful dance piece is a message that reminds us of how holidays with family are better than any fairytale.

Power to Empower and Enlighten
"Limang Daan," an original Filipiniana piece by Ballet Philippines, first debuted online during the pandemic. To close its 54th season, the country’s flag bearer dance company will mount a  full length theater performance of this historical dance piece. Through dance, audiences will be transported through time–as far back as 500 years ago.

"Limang Daan" tracks a journey to past cross-cultural encounters, most of which will explain the strong Spanish influence still dominant in our way of life. But more than another saga into our past, this piece celebrates the formidable women in our country, both from literature and real life.

These include Doña Victorina, Maria Clara, Sisa, Grabriela Silang and Josephine Bracken. A fitting show for Women’s Month in March, "Liman Daan" is a revelation on the cultural heritage of women in Philippine society, told through dance. It is a show that will remind us of who we are, what we’ve been through, and the lessons from the past that will guide us through the next 500 years.

All shows shall be performed at BP’s new home, The Theatre at Solaire.