InLife financial advisor champions women empowerment through financial planning

Avito “Jhun” Tering Jr. from Santiago District Sales Office in Isabela (second from left) is InLife’s Advocate for Women Empowerment Awardee. During the Club of Honors Annual Awards Night 2023 held recently, Jhun received the award from (from left) InLife Chief Marketing Officer Gae Martinez, Insular Health Care President and CEO Noemi Azura, and InLife Sheroes Program Manager Joy Manankil-Gonzales.  

Advocating women empowerment means believing in their capabilities, promoting their rights, and supporting initiatives to improve their lives.

Insular Life (InLife) financial advisor Avito “Jhun” Tering Jr. from Santiago District Sales Office in Isabela used his profession to empower women through financial planning. He was able to give financial advice to the most number of women policyholders in 2022, which earned him the Advocate for Women Empowerment Award during InLife’s Club of Honors Annual Awards Night 2023.

In an interview, Jhun explains that women are decision makers and influencers in their families, so it is important to provide them with the financial products that will address their needs. 

“It is important to empower our women through financial planning because it will really help them achieve their goals such as education for their children, home purchase, estate planning, and retirement planning. The living benefits can also help them when their children marry, or when they purchase a house or vehicle,” he says.
Jhun points out that as a financial advisor, he promotes financial literacy by discussing the importance of life insurance among his friends, relatives and clients. “It is important to invest in life insurance because it is one of the most important financial tool when life surprises the family with the loss of loved ones,” he says. 
Although the doubts of potential clients challenge him the most, Jhun’s patience and dedication moves him towards his goal of reaching out to as many Filipinos as possible. 
Jhun started his financial advisor career as an Associate Unit Manager in 2010, but he was not able to give his full commitment to the job because he had to attend to his other businesses. 
My goal is to first gain financial freedom but unfortunately, luck was not at my side during those years. But last year, when the pandemic situation subsided, I decided to give out my all with InLife as financial advisor, setting aside all other businesses that I have. I went back to my main goal of financial breakthrough,” Jhun says, adding that last year was a milestone for him and his family.

Jhun also encourages others to become financial advisors who help Filipinos lead “A Lifetime for Good.” 

“I am now the active recruiter of my team. I am getting closer to my financial goals, and with God’s grace, building my own unit again very soon. And lastly, one of bucket list to become an MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) member,” he says. 

InLife hopes to help close the risk protection gap by providing high-value insurance products and other related services to Filipinos. The InLife Sheroes Advocacy and Movement amplifies the company’s mission to provide “A Lifetime for Good” to Filipinos by empowering women through financial planning.