Eugene Domingo shares love story

In a rare instance, seasoned actress-comedian Eugene Domingo talked about her relationship with film critic husband Danilo Bottoni.

On an episode of "Fast Talk With Boy Abunda," Eugene admitted she would readily drop her her career for him.

“At this point, my goodness, I’m a golden girl. This is the second half of my life. I have given the first half to, you know, always just about me and helping my family. And the second part would be for me and Danilo," she explained.

But how did their love story begin?

According to the 51-year-old, she met Danilo in 2014 at the Udine Far East Film Festival where her film, "Barber's Tales," was screened.

"I was alone. I was exhausted in general, in life. I was already surrendering a life of, like, you know, being single, or maybe I could enter the convent - 'yun 'yung iniisip ko," she shared. "And then, all of a sudden, he (Danilo) appeared in front of me. And I was scared because baka, you know, baka stalker or something..."

She later on found out that Danilo is a film critic.

"He's a lover of Asian films," she related, adding how he also watched some of her movies like "Kimmy Dora," "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank," and "Barber's Tales."

"And then he asked for an interview. And so I said: 'I cannot give you that. You should ask permission.' Pa-ano pa ako, kasi wala na du'n yung isip ko. Okay na akong maging single," she said.

"And then he arrived for the interview. He interviewed me. Ta's habang kinakausap niya ako, nagandahan ako sa mata niya. Tapos nakita ko na ang gwapo niya. Parang nagising ako, namulat akong ganyan... Tapos nung parang gusto ko na siyang maging friend or makausap siya ng matagal (kaso) tinawag na siya: 'Tapos na po yung interview.' Tapos nung umalis na siya, parang: 'Ay, wala na.'

"Siyempre ma-abilidad ang mga Filipina. Pag-uwi ko dito siyempre hinanap ko yung e-mail. Nalaman ko kasi nag-sulat ako du'n sa editor kung saan sila nag-su-sulat ng kanilang film... nagki-critic. Sabi ko: 'I'm Eugene Domingo, an actress from the Philippines, you're writer, Danilo Bottoni, interviewed me. I just want to thank him.' At duon sumagot na siya sa e-mail. Ayun na nga!"

The then-43-year-old noted how she didn't want to miss her chance so she pursue Danilo.

"Kasi nu'ng umuwi ako from Italy, na hindi ko na siya nakita. Sabi ko: 'Yun na 'yun e. Bakit? Papalampasin ko ba e naramdaman ko na? So yun, pinursue ko. Ganu'n yun," was how she put it.