NCT Dream to fans at Manila concert: You’re an amazing audience

“We will show why NCT Dream came to Manila.” 

This was what NCT Dream member Mark told Filipino fans as the K-pop boy band held their sold-out concert in Manila. 

After more than three years, NCT Dream held another solo concert in Manila that proved to be bigger, better, and full of fun. 

NCT Dream performing at their “The Dream Show 2: In A Dream” concert in Manila on April 29 (Jonathan Hicap)

About 20,000 fans attended NCT Dream’s “The Dream Show 2: In A Dream” concert held for two days on April 29 and 30 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. 

It was on Feb. 29, 2020 when NCT Dream became the last K-pop act to perform in the Philippines at the New Frontier Theater before travel restrictions were imposed. Back then, NCT Dream’s Jeno, Jaemin, Jisung, Haechan, Chenle and Renjun performed in Manila without Mark.  

For “The Dream Show 2,” Jeno, Jaemin, Jisung, Haechan, Renjun and Mark headlined the shows without Chenle who was unable to join the group because of his health.

Compared to the 2020 show, “The Dream Show 2” was bigger in terms of venue, audience and production including the extended stage, and it was held for two days. 


NCT Dream performing at their “The Dream Show 2: In A Dream” concert in Manila on April 29 (Jonathan Hicap)

During a press conference at Conrad Manila on April 30 before their concert, Haechan said “The Dream Show 2” was bigger compared to their 2020 show.  

“We all knew that a lot of Czennies were waiting for us. Although we regret that for three years we have not been here, now we are looking forward to a bigger show, bigger concert tonight and we’re very excited to enjoy together with our fans here,” said Haechan.

NCT Dream’s concert in Manila was, indeed, bigger and better. From the massive stage and setlist to members emerging from glass boxes, “The Dream Show 2” was a fun-filled experience for the fans. 

They opened the show with "Glitch Mode," "Countdown (3, 2, 1)" and "Stronger," followed by “Dreaming,” "Dreaming" and "Déjà Vu."

NCT Dream also performed "My First and Last," "Bye My First," "Love Again," "To My First," "Sorry, Heart,” "Puzzle Piece," "Chewing Gum," "ANL” "Dive Into You," "Irreplaceable," "Saturday Drip," "Quiet Down," "Better Than Gold," "Diggity," "Ridin,'" "Boom," "Hello Future," "We Go Up," "Trigger The Fever" and "Hot Sauce."

Mark was fascinated by the wave done by the fans at the concert on the first day. Using their lightsticks, the fans made a wave from one side of the venue to the other. 


NCT Dream performing at their “The Dream Show 2: In A Dream” concert in Manila on April 29 (Jonathan Hicap)

“I wanna see the wave again today. Actually I don’t know why but the first wave on the first day left quite an impression. It kinda stayed in my mind for some reason,” he said during the press conference. The fans fulfilled his wish by doing a wave on the second day of the concert.  


Two hours before the start of their second concert, NCT Dream held a press conference at Conrad Manila where they answered questions from the Philippine media including the Manila Bulletin

For NCT Dream’s first Dream Show concert in Manila, the venue was the New Frontier Theater. “The Dream Show 2” was held in a bigger venue and for two days, drawing more fans. 

“Maybe when you compare the first and second one, perhaps we were more in-house. We felt comfortable performing now. And because the stage is bigger, it has a bigger production so we can see the more creative sides. And we can maximize the full concert that we provide. So you can see that it has a bigger production compared to the first one,” said Haechan.  

They said they regret that they were not complete with seven members for the Manila show due to Chenle’s health. 

Jaemin remembered the fans who went to their first Dream Show concert in Manila in February 2020. 

“The most that I remember from my first Dream Show is that the Czennies, they were so beautiful and very attractive. Their smiles, they gave us so much energy to perform our best during our first Dream Show,” he said. 


NCT Dream at their press conference at Conrad Manila on April 29 (Jonathan Hicap)

However, Mark was not with NCT Dream then and now, Chenle was absent.  

“But during our first Dream Show, it was unfortunate that Mark was not present with us and for the Dream Show 2, it was Chenle who was not able to join. That is something that we regret, that we are not complete. Perhaps it is something that we have to tell you that gives us another reason that we should be complete next time,” said Jaemin. 

NCT Dream at their first Manila concert on Feb. 29, 2020 (Jonathan Hicap)

NCT Dream members are endorsers of Philippine clothing brand Penshoppe. When they arrived on April 28, they visited the Penshoppe store at the SM Mall of Asia. 

“I was pretty excited to see the Penshoppe at the Mall of Asia. I mean, to be there in person for the first time felt very different and special,” said Mark. 

If they were given the chance to extend their stay in the Philippines for one day, Haechan said he wanted to try Filipino food and visit beaches. 

“First of all, I wanna try the delicious food of the Philippines. And from the hotel view, I can see the Manila Bay but I really wanna go and visit the nice beaches and seas of the Philippines,” he said. 

According to Mark, they were involved in the planning for “The Dream Show 2” concert. 

“We all participated in the creative production for the concert from day one. We had meetings for the clothes, wardrobe. We were in the meetings for selecting the songs, setlist. In that case, we were all very involved and then it puts us in the position to be involved again for future projects as well,” he said. 

Since debuting in 2016, NCT Dream have achieved success in their music. They have won numerous awards including “daesang” (grand prize) at the 32nd Seoul Music Awards, Hanteo Music Awards and Genie Music Awards. 

When asked what they attribute their success to, Mark said, “Success is a very tricky word. We call all be successful if you just put your mind to it. We can all be currently successful.” 

“In the beginning of our debut, we always wanted to spread happiness. In a way, we’ve succeeded and we are succeeding in that. It’s our job to continue on that and spread more happiness as much as we can in the future,” he added.  

Before the press conference ended, Happee Sy-Go of concert promoter Pulp Live World presented NCT Dream with flowers. 


NCT Dream wrapped up their two-day Manila concert with success. 

For the encore performance, NCT Dream sang "Beatbox," "My Youth," "Walk You Home" and "Candy."


NCT Dream at their Manila concert (Twitter)

The members thanked the crowd for giving two wonderful days at the concert. 

“You were an amazing audience,” Mark told Filipino fans. 

“You guys are the best,” said Haechan. “I want to say thank you for the two beautiful days that we’ve been together. I’m gonna miss you. Manila, I love you.” 

Jisung said, “Today, you are so amazing. I really had fun tonight with all of you. I really want to say thank you so much. Balik kami agad (We will come back soon).” 

“You guys were so amazing tonight,” said Jaemin. “First of all, you guys are the most precious people in the world. I won’t forget every single one of you. I love this sentence: NCTzen and 7Dream equals Best Friend Ever. We will be back as soon as possible.  

He was referring to the banner unveiled by Filipino fans which read, NCTzen + 7Dream = Best Friend Ever.” 

“Napakasaya naming nagkita tayong lahat. Pangako namin na babalik kami agad. Mahal ko kayo (We are so happy that we all saw each other. We promise to come back soon. I love you),” added Jaemin. 

Jeno said, “I am so happy that we made great memories together. I am also happy that you can sing along with us very well. It’s been a while since we came back to Manila and thank you for your warm welcome. Next time we will come back with Chenle.”

“I really had fun. You did all well. Babalik kami. Hintayin ninyo kami (We will come back. Please wait for us),” said Renjun. 

Mark said, “Back in 2020, six Dream came to Manila for a show. I was not there. Now we are here in 2023. And we are here without Chenle. It only means we have to come back. Let’s wait for that day because I’ll be waiting.” 

“We got two days to perform in front of you guys for the first tour ever as 7 Dream and you guys filled up the stages for two whole days. Thank you so much. We can’t wait for the next day we meet,” he said. 

He added, “Manila is such a good word to say.  I’ll see you guys again. Thank you so much.”

NCT Dream’s “The Dream Show 2: In A Dream” in Manila was presented by Pulp Live World.