The PlayStation Showcase 2023: Our predictions and hopes

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The PlayStation Showcase is happening very soon and a lot of fans are excited what the console-maker will be putting in the limelight. 

A lot of people over the internet have already cast their predictions, which included more details for Spider-Man 2 and Ghost of Tsushima 2. We’re likely to see more Final Fantasy XVI as its release date is fast-approaching, but that shouldn’t be the main event as these past couple of weeks we’ve been bombarded with teaser after teaser. 

Of course we’re excited for more details on Spider-Man 2, as we’ve been teased two of its villains are going to be Kraven (likely to help promote Sony’s own upcoming Kraven movie) and Venom. If Spider-Man 2 is indeed going to be unveiled, then we’re hoping to see an expansion of its rogue gallery, which we hope would include the Lizard, Mysterio, Chameleon, and even the Sandman. Since Norman Osborn is a prominent character in the first game, it’s not out of the question we would encounter the Green Goblin. More than that, we’re also hoping a teaser for Ghost-Spider, since she’s been gaining popularity these past couple of years. And also, it just makes sense to include her as a playable character. Maybe in the same way as how Miles Morales was introduced in the first game. 

Silent Hill F is another title that was teased a couple of months ago. By this time we’re hoping to get some more details about the horror game. The last Silent Hill games were released in 2012. The franchise would have seen a new entry with Metal Gear-fame Hideo Kojima and master of horror Guillermo del Toro in the form of Silent Hills, AKA P.T., which was scrapped by Konami. With Capcom making big splashes with their Resident Evil Remakes, maybe it’s time for Silent Hill to make a big comeback as well. 

Our other hopefuls include a new Twisted Metal game. Anyone remember that? It’s about cars souped up with high-powered engine and weapons of mass destruction thrown in an apocalyptic last vehicle running. A kind of crossover between Fast and Furious and Transformers, only the robots stay in robot form, and explosions happen everywhere. Kids, ask your parents about this game, they probably know it. There’s a series happening which features Anthony Mackie. So a new game isn’t out of the question. 

It’s been some time already since Sony has teased anything about Wolverine. Maybe it’s high time they provide us something more about it. It’s being developed by Insomniac Games, the same makers of Spider-Man. If the new Spidey game is coming out soon, Insomniac would probably want to provide a few more info to keep all the momentum buzz going. It also works to have a Wolverine teaser out, since the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie will feature Wolverine with Hugh Jackman reprising his role in what we hope is a more sunny side of the world than where we last seen in him in the movie Logan.

We are obviously getting more stuff on Final Fantasy XVI. But besides that, we’re hoping Square Enix would show us more of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. If that game is shown, we’re expecting to see the rest of the original gang such as Cid, Cait Sith, and Vincent Valentine. We’re also wondering how much farther would the game stray from the original path or would it pull a complete 360 and trick us to keep guessing Aerith’s ultimate fate — because seriously, that’s all that matters right now. Will she or won’t she?!

While Square Enix seems to be in the business of remakes, tapping into nostalgia. A tease for a remake of Final Fantasy VIII or IX would make big headlines. But if Square Enix is going to keep on messing with nostalgia, maybe they should try other things a lot of fans have been craving for? Like, I don’t know, Chrono Break?  

We were hoping for an entirely new IP from Hideo Kojima since he has freed himself from the clutches of Konami, but since Death Stranding 2 has been mentioned before, we’re hoping to hear more details about the game. The first game showed off an interesting premise of building connections. It’s a walking simulator done in the Kojima way. And with a knack of adding on top of existing titles, Kojima will find a way to make Death Stranding 2 even crazier than before. 

This one is a long, long shot. But what if, and hear me out, Destiny 3? However, Bungie had plans to create a live service game that could last ten years. The first Destiny game didn’t pan out as expected, and so we have Destiny 2, which seems to be doing much better. Bungie did mention for more content for Destiny 2 and if we were to play around with the timeline whenever they released an expansion, Destiny 3 might come around 2026 or 2027, exactly ten years after Destiny 2’s release in 2017. 

We’re expecting a lot of indie titles as well. Some of the most groundbreaking and innovative games have come from indie developers, titles such as Celeste, Stardew Valley, Dead Cells, and Hollow Knight, have rocked the gaming world. So we’re anticipating a flurry of indie titles making their way into the PS Showcase, titles we may or may have not heard of before, titles that have been existing in other platforms. PlayStation has that kind of track record, especially if they don’t have much to show. Hopefully, we get plenty of indie titles and more AAA stuff. 

Okay, this one’s a really long shot. Even farther than Destiny 3. So I’ll just say it and leave it at that, despite a title on its way this year from the studio, a little tease, one small confirmation so fans would no longer have to hope for a possibility and just wait for it to hit shelves: Bloodborne 2. 

Now, what we’re really hoping here is more original IP. Sony has been doing great so far. But they are losing/potentially losing third-party titles as rival Microsoft had gone a shopping spree, bagging studio after studio. At first jokes kept rolling down on how Microsoft is gearing up a vast library of exclusives on its own. But then things got serious when they acquired Activision Blizzard and Bethesda, potentially locking in extremely popular titles like Call of Duty (which is hotly disputed) and most likely upcoming titles such as the much anticipated Starfield. It’s no question even that phenomenons such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and Doom might be barred from entering Sony’s domain. And all those titles are hard hitting titles. If they don’t appear in PlayStation, that could be bad news for Sony. So we’re crossing fingers that Sony is working on developing more original games that could become massive cultural hits. Maybe something as big as Elder Scrolls won’t happen over a fortnight, but it is possible to build towards it. 

So here’s hoping for a good year with the PlayStation Showcase.