READ: Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette and The Met Gala 2023

Here’s why she opted to stay home

This year’s Met Gala 2023 theme pays homage to one of the most iconic designers, Karl Lagerfeld. Entitled, “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,” many of the attendees did follow the memo with a few standouts-—in relation to Karl’s cat, Choupette. 

Karl Lagerfeld Choupette.JPG

While Dojo the Cat dressed in a full-sequin backless gown by Oscar de la Renta with a hoodie with cat ears and a prosthetic feline face, people were surprised with Jared Leto who entered the venue in a cat costume that resembles Choupette. But the real Choupette was nowhere to be found. 

The cat posted on Instagram, “A million thanks to all of you, my fans, animal lovers and Daddy's admirers. You have all shown the kindest enthusiasm and unconditional support, I say ‘merci!’! Many people invited me to walk the red carpet of the #METGALA2023 in tribute to Daddy, but we preferred to stay peacefully and cozy at home. We pay tribute to my Daddy every day since his parting and we are very moved to see one more day dedicated to him. With love, forever, Choupette.”

Choupette, meaning “sweetie” in French, is pronounced as “shoo-pet.” A Birman cat born in August 2011, Choupette is set to inherit GBP 1.3 million as part of Karl’s will when he passed away in 2021 at the age of 85. She is now 11 years old, and is under the care of Karl’s former housekeeper, Francoise Cacote.