Pateros LGU congratulates Pinay speaker at US law school ceremony

The Pateros municipal government congratulated a Filipino for being the speaker at her commencement ceremony at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, also known as  Penn Carey Law, in the US. 

Lawyer Maria Veronica Manalo, a Pateros resident, graduated from the university law school with a Master of Laws (LLM). 


Lawyer Maria Veronica Manalo speaking at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School commencement ceremony on May 15 (Photo from Manalo's Facebook account)

The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School held its commencement ceremony on May 15 at the American Academy of Music in Philadelphia. 

This year’s commencement address was delivered by women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred. 

Manalo was chosen to deliver the LLM representative’s remarks at the commencement ceremony along with another Filipino, Nester Fernando Siazon. 

“Congratulations to Atty.  Maria Veronica M. Manalo, daughter of Dr. Bobok Manalo and Emma Mercado-Manalo of Pateros, who recently graduated at the top of her class in the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School!” according to a Facebook post by the Pateros municipal government.  

It added, “She is the first ever Filipina to become the Graduation Commencement speaker at Penn Carey Law School.  Atty. Manalo is also a graduate of Wharton Business and Law Program, The Wharton School.”

Manalo is a graduate of the University of the Philippines. 

In his introduction of Manalo at the ceremony, Ted Ruger, dean and Bernard G. Segal Professor of Law, said, “Maria Veronica Mercado Manolo, who comes to Penn from the Philippines, where she earned her law degree at the University of Philippines and here, was deeply involved in sort of our International Arbitration Association and a number of other activities.”

According to a news report by the  Penn Carey Law, Manalo and Siazon’s remarks were commended by Ruger who said, “That was the most Philly speech ever given.”

Manalo’s remarks included an ode to Philadelphia written in verse. Here is a part of her remarks: 

“In the city of brotherly, love where freedom is found

“We’ve treaded the streets of Philly, feet on the ground.

“From Center City to South Street, we’ve roamed

“In this vibrant city, a place we can all call home.

“From cheesesteak debates to the Liberty Bell,

“Philly’s charms have stories we all love to tell.

“In the land of Rocky where champions rise,

“We embrace the grit, reaching for the skies.

“But this is just the beginning, the start of the quest

“To make an impact and to rise above the rest.

“LLM graduates, let’s raise the bar high.

“In the footsteps of great legal minds, we shall all comply.

“With Philly in our hearts and our passion ablaze

“We’ll reshape the world and leave a lasting blaze.

“Congratulations to the Class of LLM 2023, oh so bright!

“We’ll shine in boardrooms, fighting for what’s right.

“From Philly’s corners to the courtroom glory,

“From Philly’s streets to the legal stage,

“Together we’ll make history turning the page.

“So, let’s embrace the future, our legal wings spread,

“Carrying the torch with justice ahead.

“So, here’s to the future as we raise the bar,

“LLM graduates, shining like a star.

“In the east side’s glory, we will make our mark.

“Penn Carey Law, forever, we will leave a spark.”